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SpeQ Mathematics is a math solver for free that allows users to add, edit and execute mathematical calculations. SpeQ Mathematics supports almost all mathematical functions, constants and variables. It also allows for definition of customer variables and functions, and can also be used to plot graphs for both inbuilt and custom functions.

The program is not short of features but has been designed to be very easy to use. SpeQ Mathematics is also very portable and can even run on a removable drive or flash drive. It can run on any windows based operating system and is available in 15 commonly spoken languages including Chinese, Russian, French and Portuguese.

Features of this math solver

SpeQ Mathematics- math solver has quite a number of features

  • Expression sheet where all mathematical expressions are entered.
  • Support for the most common operators like addition, subtraction, AND, XOR, <, and several bitwise operators.
  • Support for numerous constants used in several disciplines. General mathematical constants like PI, universal physics constants and many more.
  • Support for analysis, arithmetic, hyperbolic, logical, trigonometric, statistical functions such as Cosh, log, Cos, Tan, Mean.
  • Graph plotting. You can plot graph automatically, move and zoom, analyse them for elements like maxima and minima and adjust properties as desired.
  • Support for more than 100 units to quantify angles, temperature, electricity, volume, area, time, radio activity and light intensity.
  • System functions and inbuilt variables for manipulating angles, decimals, bytes, notations and many other.
  • User defined functions, variables and units to perform calculations.
  • Support for the most common types of number representations such as binary, decimal, hexadecimal and octal.
  • Coloured work areas that lets you save calculations for later use.

How to use this intuitive Math Solver

The interface is intuitive and you will have no problems finding your way around. There is the usual menu bar at the top, program icons below it and the worksheet comes in between the Memory and Functions toolbars on either side. Comments, functions and answers are all coded in different colours.

SpeQ Mathematics

To begin calculations, it is recommended that your clear the working are but you could also continue without doing so. Type in your calculations and hit Enter to get the answer. A line break can be inserted by pressing Ctrl+Enter. The Memory toolbar lists all answers, variables and constants used on any sheet. The left Functions lists all available inbuilt mathematical functions. New sheets can be created via the File menu or using the new sheet shortcut.

SpeQ Mathematics

Remarks can be added by including the apostrophe in front of any line. Any text that comes after the apostrophe is treated as a remark. Custom variables are declared by typing the name of the variable and equating it to a figure. Functions require that you equate your function to a variable with the coefficient enclosed in brackets. Plotting graphs is done with the help of the plot function. The plot function requires that you enclose the arguments in the brackets provided by the function. Sheets are saved via the File menu or just by the conventional Ctrl+S.

SpeQ Mathematics

The Edit menu allows users to perform editing functions like clearing sheets and memory, adding and removing comments. What you want to view on the interface can be selected on the view menu. You can choose to view toolbars, memory tree, function tree and font toolbar. Number of decimal places and the desired number representation can be set via the Settings menu. On the same menu, you can change the language and set window control options like minimising to tray and setting windows to stay on top. Help is available and was very helpful.


SpeQ Mathematics is a simple, powerful and very useful math solver.

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