How to Open Multiple Websites in Incognito In Firefox in One Click

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In case you have some favorite websites that you always want to open in incognito mode in Firefox, you can now do that in one click. You can specify all the websites that you want to open in incognito mode. After that, whenever you want to open all of them together in incognito mode, you will have to just do 1 click. Yep, that’s it.

For this, I will use a free Firefox extension called “RapidTabOpener“. This extension lets you specify list of websites and then specify whether you want to open in normal mode or Incognito mode. Then, just click on icon of this extension to open all those websites. This is useful if you want to regularly open a set of websites in Private window in Firefox.

RapidTabOpener Firefox

How to Open Multiple Websites In Private Window in Firefox:

Start by installing RapidTabOpener extension for Firefox. Once you do that, you will see a small icon near Firefox Address Bar. You just need to click on this icon to open websites in incognito mode.

For that, first you need to configure the websites that you want this icon to open. This can be done in Options page of this add-on. When you click on this icon for the first time, it will automatically take you to Options page. There you need to enter all the URLs that you want this extension to open. You can add as many URLs as you want. Also, you can choose whether you want to open them in Incognito mode or in Normal mode. I find the main use of this extension in opening multiple URLs in Incognito mode, so I have selected Incognito mode option.

Open Multiple Websites Incognito Windows Firefox

Once you have added all the URLs that you want to be opened, just save the changes. Now you are ready to use this extension.

Just click on icon of this extension, and you will see that it will open a new Private Firefox window, and then open all the URLs in that. Each URL will be opened in a separate tab. So, this is how you can easily open multiple URLs in Incognito mode in Firefox.

If you want, you can anytime change the list of websites to be opened by again going to Options page of this extension.

You might also like another extension that lets you always open certain websites in Incognito mode.

Closing Words:

This is a useful Firefox extension that makes it really simple to open a bunch of websites in Incognito mode in Firefox. Just one click is all it takes.

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