Create Tab Groups To Manage and Organize Tabs Easily [Firefox]

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Tab Groups is a free Firefox add-on that is really helpful to easily manage and organize the tabs. When you are involved in some research online and dealing with dozens of tabs, then this add-on will be a boon for you. You can add tabs that are related to similar information in one group and so on. This way, you can do research better than normal and can also find any tab quickly. You can also rename your groups and search for a tab using the associated icon, which increases its importance.

One more interesting thing is that when you have added the tabs in groups, then only tabs of the active group are visible in the Firefox window. For example, if your current group is A, then only tabs of Group A will be visible. Thus, groups work as opened windows, and you don’t need to open multiple Firefox windows separately.

add tabs in groups

Above you can see groups created by me using this add-on and tabs available in those groups.

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Other Key Features of This Tab Groups Firefox add-on:

  • It provides the options to set the custom hotkeys to switch between groups and enter and exit groups.
  • You can also backup and restore the groups.

Use This Tab Groups Firefox add-on To Organize The Tabs:

Here is the download link of this Firefox add-on. Install it and you will find it’s icon on the top right side. Clicking that icon will automatically add all the tabs in a single group, which is a default action.

click extension icon to add tabs to group

Now, to add tabs in other groups, you only need to drag out a tab from the default group and drop it. The second group will create automatically and that particular tab will now be a part of that group.

Similarly, you can create other groups to easily work with tabs.


What I think that it is better as well as convenient to work with tab groups than multiple windows. Groups are easy to organize and manage.

Get this Firefox add-on.

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