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Many people who are involved in the setting up of network systems, website construction and so forth, find it useful to use an IP Subnet Calculator for their work. One of the most popular calculators of subnet IP addresses is Bitricket IP Subnet calculator .

The company offers free tools for those who require subnet IP information. Indeed with the acquirement of such companies as WildPackets and Bitcricket, Net3 has greatly improved on the original GUI for Windows, MAC and IPv6 systems.

Bitcricket IP Calculator

Computer programmers, website creators and so forth, are able to take advantage of this free automatic subnet calculator.

All one has to do is input  an IP address  and select the following:

  • The number of subnet bits requested.
  • The maximum number of subnets desired.
  • The number of host bits requested
  • The maximum number of hosts.

This automatic IP subnet calculator will then figure out all the details and provide the user with a bit-by-bit account of the address visualization until it has created a complete table of subnets for use. In fact, using this automatic feature is easy, fast and stress-free.  Users are able to use this IP subnet calculator tool to calculate CIDR Routes – using this option allows you to have multiple IP routes, specifically Class C. These multiple routes integrated into a small set of routing table entries. Once again this IP subnet calculating software generates CIDR information easily.

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Users are also able to take advantage of the ‘Migrate to IPv6’. Using a Bitcricket  IP subnet calculator, users have the ability to transform or migrate subnets into IPv6. This is not to say that IPv6 are a common option, in fact, generally there are few, however, with the Bitcricket calculator for IP subnets, one does have the option. There is also the option of transferring IPv4 to IPv6.

The auto discover and configure addresses, is another feature of this subnet calculating application. In short, this free subnet calculating program is able to discover  locally configured IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and give you the option of classifying or researching them. This auto discover and configure feature works on both Windows and MAC machines. This IP subnet calculator also gives the user the option of exporting data to any spreadsheet, email and word processing program; simply by cutting and pasting

This ready-made and easy to use IP subnet calculator is able to be run on a Windows platform or MAC and the latest version supports IPv6 by default.

Download Bitricket IP Subnet Calculator here.

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