Neembuu Uploader: Upload File to Multiple File Sharing Websites

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If you’re looking for a faster, more efficient way to upload files to a server or host, then the free Neembuu Uploader is just what you need. This simple file uploader allows users to upload multiple files to different hosts and can also be used as a backup. The program is not difficult to use, in fact, it is quite simple. There is no patina of extras, designed to confuse and irritate a user, only a Java application which supports the uploading of files to six different Internet file hosts at one time. These hosts are:,,,, and

Using Neembuu Uploader is, as mentioned, simple. The user simply picks a file on their computer, chooses at least one of the six aforementioned hosts, drag and drop the file into the application window and that’s it. Clicking the ‘Start Upload’ icon sends the file on its merry way to the selected host or hosts.

Neembuu Uploader

The user is also able to change the number of uploads in the main interface; this therefore allows those with fast internet connections to increase the limit from the program’s default limit. It is also possible to select multiple files in the file browser and add them to the queue.

What more can free Neembu Uploader do?

  • Neembuu Uploader displays a log of files it is uploading. The sizes and the host as well as the status of each individual upload.
  • Able to Upload or delete URLs.
  • Keeps a track of files and lists relevant information in order to form a history.
  • The ability (at present) to add a Hotfile account that one can use to upload files to that particular hosting server.
  • Opening, deleting, exporting and importing of URLs is clearly one of the programs best options.

Clearly this free program with its easy to use interface and high quality programming is the perfect tool for those that are continually uploading files and other data to an internet server. With the free Neembuu Uploader, performing this task is a lot whole easier. Neembuu Uploader is, as mentioned, a Java application which requires a Java Run-time Environment. It thus, works well on Windows computers and will supposedly work fine on other systems that support Java. You can also read about other free file uploaders like MirrorCreator, and Upload Robots.

Neembuu Uploader is a completely free application and comes highly recommended by the many others who have already downloaded and are using the program. There are other uploading programs available. These include File Uploader, which is a program that currently allows users to upload to 150 different hosts. Neembuu Uploader is gaining in popularity and will, in the not too distant future, also increase its hosts.

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Works With: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
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