JFileRecovery: Recover Files from Scratched DVD

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JFileRecovery is free data recovery software to recover files from scratches DVD and CD. JFileRecovery allows users to recover and copy data from damaged CD and DVD. This free program operates using a free Java Web Start application able to search for problematic areas of a file and skip over it allowing the copy to proceed.

Corruption in media files like MP3, MPEG, AVI and JPEG are often difficult to notice, JFileRecovery finds these corrupted points quite easily. When copying large video DVD or CD files which are scratched, there is often an error message (CRC error) which in turn causes the copying to abort. JFileRecovery will bypass or try to copy, these errors.

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How to Recover Data from Scratched DVD:

JFileRecovery reads the entire file and tries to recover the bad or damaged areas. It will continue, throughout the copying process, trying to copy the corrupted files as long as the user commands it to. All one has to do is run the program, insert a scratched or damaged CD/DVD start the copying process and let JFileRecovery scan the files to ascertain whether there are bad sectors or not.

In most cases 1KB blocks of damaged data will not be noticed, unless this damaged data is at the end or beginning of a file. The chances of retrieving your data from a damaged source to a destination disk or memory stick are greatly increased using this free program.

JFileRecovery was developed, initially to recover data from scratched or damaged CDRs, however recently computer damaged files may also be saved using this free utility. It is important to note, however, that using JFileRecovery on executable files is not recommended. This is because a single error in an executable file is a very serious problem and could damage other files within your system should you try to copy it. Other similar software we reviewed earlier include Copy Cat, and Abyssal Recovery.

For people that want to backup files or retrieve damaged files, this free program, JFileRecovery is the ideal tool to have. The frustration of watching error messages dance on your computer screen, will be no more. You’ll no doubt, be able to save a great deal of data that you thought was lost. Download free JFileRecovery and copy your files with safety.

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