MacSwitch: Get Mac Style Alt Tab Preview in Windows

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MacSwitch is an free alt+tab replacement  tool for Windows systems. MacSwitch adds Mac style Alt+Tab functionality to Windows.

Windows users are familiar with the function of the combo ‘ALT+TAB’, which enables the user to switch between different applications that are currently running. MacSwitch introduces this application switch option with a number of options, which makes it even more attractive and simple to use. Most Windows users find the Mac OS X’s alt+tab style better than Windows so now they have a chance to replace it with this free alt+tab replacement tool.

Windows users, especially the users using Vista and 7, would find it easy to switch between the running applications using the ‘ALT+TAB’ facility. This option displays the currently open files/ Currently running applications on a display bar that can be used to view / switch between them. The user can also click on the specific item on the bar to switch to that application. This feature is more livelier in the MAC Operating Systems. However  the users will be able to do this on the Windows, using the MacSwitch tool.


If you want to get Mac style toolbar on Windows, you can try ObjectDock, RocketDock or other free Mac style toolbar software

MacSwitch installer file is available for download on the official website of MacSwitch and sizes just about 1MB. The user has to install the software and  add the shortcut MacSwitch.exe to the startup folder and run it. Now the user will be able to  switch between the running programs, seamlessly.  This software comes with the interesting options like Menu Transparency, Icon enlargement on Mouse rollover etc., which make the feature as interesting as it is in MAC. The user can also add icons of the application that are to be displayed in the Switcher bar when the combo is used. PNG and ICO files can be used as icon images.

The user can use a quick ALT+TAB to make a switch if the GUI window takes a bit of time to load. The switch will be made to the last opened application. The user, however can also choose to use the CTRL+TAB combo, if he does not want the Switcher GUI to show up.

With all these features and options, MacSwitch is a cool addition to the Windows system , to incorporate the mac style ALT+TAB switch, as elegantly as it is being done in the MAC.

Download MacSwitch and get Mac Style Alt+Tab preview in your Windows PC

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Works With: Windows 7, Vista and XP
Free/Paid: Free

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