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What The Font is a free website to identify a font. You can upload image of the font, and What The Font will show the fonts that are closest match to the one used in that image. It is completely free, and nothing to download.

Yesterday, I reviewed a similar service to Identify font from image. After that, I came across What The Font, and decided to test this also to identify a font. I find it very similar in usage to WhatFontIs, but with some subtle differences.

What The Font

How to Identify a Font with What The Font:

  • As I mentioned earlier, What The Font is completely free. To identify a font, just go to WhatTheFont. Here, you can upload the image which has the font that you are trying to identify. You can also provide URL of the image. What The Font Upload Image
  • For optimal identification of fonts, it is recommended that characters in the image should be as horizontal as possible, with a height of around 100 px. Also, characters should not be touching each other.
  • Once you have uploaded the image, What The Font will try to recognize the characters from the image. With each character of the image, it will show what it believes is that actual character. You need to validate that. In case it did not identify some character correctly, you can manually provide the correct character. What The Font Characters
  • After that, What The Font will show you matching fonts. It will also show your original text in those matching fonts, so that you can see which is the closest match.
  • When you are able to find the font, just click on it to get more information. For some fonts, What The Font also provides option to purchase directly, otherwise it redirects you to external store.
  • However, I wasn’t able to find any option to see just free fonts, like there was in WhatFontIs. I found that a big limitation.

Nevertheless, What The Font works very well. Once you are able to identify a font, you can just Google it to find some website that has it available for free download.

So, if you are a designer, and are having a hard time in identifying a font, give What The Font a shot. Also check out Font Comparison software.

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