Online Note Taking With 1GB Free Space To Create Notes, To Do Lists

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SomCloud is a free online note taking tool that helps to create notes, to-do lists, and save them on cloud. You need to create a free account to use this service and then you will receive 1 GB free storage space to store your notes. It also provides smartphone app (for Android and iPhone), that helps to sync notes on your smartphone. Moreover, you can also install its Chrome app to use it on Chrome browser.

Apart from saving notes and to-do lists, you can also attach files with notes. You can attach any kind of files, such as: PDF, PPT, Text files, photos, animated gifs, audio video files, and executable files (*.exe) as well. This makes it advanced than other similar tools, like FetchNotes, Sticky.IO, and

SomCloud- online note taking tool

You can also create folders with different colors to store notes and your to-do items. It is a simple but handy cloud based note taking tool to keep important information, interesting quotes, messages with you.

Screenshot above shows my SomNote notes section. You can also create your free account with this tool to claim 1 GB space for storing notes. This 1 GB space could be extended upto 2 GB by inviting friends to join SomCloud. You need to send a URL to your friends. When they will create account using that link, you will receive 100 MB storage space (till 1 GB) for each single account.

1 GB extra storage space for free

Note: SomCloud also provides premium version. Benefit of upgrading with premium version is that you will get upto 30 GB storage space, customer support, attach file size upto 100 MB, restore deleted tasks etc. If you don’t want to upgrade with premium subscription, then you can continue with free account. 2 GB space could be enough for storing important notes with attached files.

How To Use This Free Online Note Taking Tool?

To use this online tool, you need to create a free account. For this, go to the homepage of SomCloud, and sign up. Its homepage link is given at the end of this review.

sign up

After completing the sign up process, a verification email will be sent to you. Once your account is verified, you will come to SomNote section on your account. 1 GB storage space will also be added to your account.

On your SomNote section, click on New Note button, and add your notes. While adding notes, you can even attach a file (less than 100 MB limit for a single file) with that note. Almost any kind of file type can be attached with your notes. Moreover, you can attach multiple files with a single note. Attached file(s) can be downloaded back to PC as well. Hence, it is quite useful when you are accessing your notes on some other device and place. Once your note is prepared, you can tap on Save button.

add notes and attach files

Similarly, you can add more and more notes to your SomNote section.

Apart from notes section, you will also find SomTodo section. This section is very simple to use and is used to create to-do lists (tasks that you need to finish). When you are in Todo section, you can use text box to add a task for your to-do list. A memo for a task can also be added using drop down icon. Apart from this, you can even mark a task important, and can set date to finish that task.

create to-do list

As soon as you will complete your tasks, you can tick them, and those tasks will be marked as finished.

Other Important Features Present In This Cloud Based Note Taking Tool:

  • It provides unlimited time machine feature. This feature is used to go back in history to find the changes in a particular note. Using history, you will be able to restore any version of any note. But this feature is available only with web version (this version) of SomCloud.
    unlimited time machine feature
  • You can create multiple folders for notes and to-do lists and can store important information on those folders. Using Add Folder button, you can create a folder, and can choose any available color for that folder.
  • You can also install SomNote app on your smartphone to sync your notes with your phone. Benefit of smartphone app is that it also lets you lock folders for security. By accessing settings of SomNote, you can set a PIN, and can lock folders that you want to protect.
    lock folders
  • It also provides a feature to import notes from Catch Notes service. But as this service is already shut down, so this feature is of no use.


SomCloud is really a pretty useful tool to store important notes and tasks. It works absolutely fine and is good to use. Although, it doesn’t provide any desktop client and large storage with free account, still it can compete with Evernote and OneNote. As notes are stored on cloud, so you won’t find any difficulty to access your notes from anywhere.

Get SomCloud free.

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