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Online Calculators is a completely free online platform that contains different calculators for you to make calculations easily. You do not have to go through any registration process to use this website; anyone can use it just by visiting it. You can select the calculator according to your need and start performing your calculations. The website contains one simple calculator along with different other calculators. Some of the calculators this online calculators website contains are area calculators (to calculate area of triangle,  rectangle, square), basic maths functions calculator, business calculator, compound interest calculator etc.

All these calculators perform different functions and are quite simple to use. You just have to enter in the numbers. Let us have a detailed explanation of these online calculators and see what they do.

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Maths Functions

The first calculator on this online calculators website is maths functions. This calculator lets you perform basic maths calculations like square root, cosine, sine, tangent. There are different calculators for all these different functions and you can use the one you need to. Just enter the values and you will get real-time answers for it. These are simple to use calculators with no extra functions.

Area calculators

The second type of calculators in the list are Area calculators. They let you find areas of different items and shapes. Five items and shapes for which you can find areas for are triangle, rectangle, square, floor area of a room, and wall area of a room. You can select any of these options and there are different calculators for it. Finding the area is also very simple. You just to have to add relevant values and get answers for your queries. However, the website does not explain how it solves the question.

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Business Calculators

This is another type of calculator that you can access on this website. There are different calculators under it to perform different functions. You can use them to calculate current ratio, compound interest. There are 10 separate calculators that you can use to perform market related calculations. They are:

  • Acid Test Ratio Calculator
  • Compound Interest Calculator
  • Current Ratio Calculator
  • Debtor days Calculator
  • Depreciating Calculator
  • Gross Profit Margin Calculator
  • Loan Repayment Calculator
  • Operating Profit Margin Calculator
  • ROCE Calculator
  • VAT Calculator

Conversion Calculators

Conversion calculators allow you to convert into different units. You can convert kilometer to miles, kilometer to yards, kilometer to feet, miles to nautical miles etc. There are only limited number of conversion calculations that you can perform. There are separate calculators listed for all these conversions.

Apart from the above mentioned calculators, this online calculators website provides you other calculators like DIY calculators, Interest calculators, and Volumetric calculators. You can visit the link at the end of the article to use these calculators.

Final Verdict For Online Calculators

The most important thing about this website is that you get to use a lot of different kind of calculators. Some of the calculators are really difficult to find. The website also gives you a brief introduction for all these calculators that you can read to understand its usage. All in all a good, useful platform.

Try it out here!

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