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SimilarWeb is a free website that can be visited by users to generate interesting website traffic statistics for any website just by typing the name. The website provides statistics related to the traffic generated by a particular website like weekly visits, traffic sources, web geography. A graphical presentation is also shown along with the statistics. On basis of these stats, a global and country rank for a website is also generated which is shown on top. The website also shows lists of top sites in different categories and countries.

SimilarWeb is a really useful platform, to generate website statistics, for business purpose. Competitors in this field can look up to this website to keep an eye on each other. They can also see what measures their competitors are using to generate better results. But that feature has been reserved for the paid version. On a lighter note, this website can also be used by you just for fun. Website traffic for popular sites can be seen to increase your knowledge and brag about it.

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Different Types Of Statistics Generated By SimilarWeb

The basic task of this website is to generate statistics for the traffic websites attract. Different types of statistics are generated along with a graphical presentation.

  • The first stat shown for any website is its rank. The website is given a global rank, country rank in which it is registered, and a category rank that depends on what functions does a website performs. All these ranks are based on website traffic of a site. The average time a users spends on that website, page views and bounce rate are also shown.
  •  Next in line is the weekly number of visits the website attracts. Stats for weekly number of visits in the last 6 months are displayed by a graph.
  • Another interesting stat generated is the traffic source of the website in last three months. This means how people got to know about a particular site. Different categories are made like whether they got to know through a reference, Google search, through mail, or any other way. All the possible options are defined into separate categories and the total website traffic is divided among them.
  • Last but not the least, country wise statistics are also generated. This shows in which country did the website attract the most traffic. A list of top 5 countries is displayed along with the percentage.

All these statistics along with a couple of others, provide great insight and knowledge. You can visit the website from this link and see statistics for any website you want. You can also see list of top websites in any country in a particular category.

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Key Features Of This Website Traffic Portal

  • Interesting statistics
  • Beautiful and clear graphs
  • Provides statistics for all the websites
  • Generates stats very quickly
  • Option to search sites by category and country
  • Shows a list of sites which are searched most by users

Final Verdict

The biggest apprehension in my mind, while reviewing this website, was whether these statistics are authentic or not. There is no way to cross check that. But, the fact that this website has been talked about in various popular newspapers and internet platforms was good enough to overcome my apprehension. If such statistics benefit you in any way, or even if they intrigue you, then do check out this website.

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