Free Online Keyboarding Game for Kids: Typing Rocket

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Typing Rocket (or ABCya! Typing Rocket) is a free online keyboarding game for kids. This game is of 60 seconds. In each game, you will have to type the letters visible on rockets that will fly one after another. As the game progresses, speed of rockets, as well as quantity will increase. This makes it difficult to type the exact letters. If you will type wrong letter, it will affect your score as well. You need to blast as many rockets as possible.

Your score depends on total number of hits (correct letters) made by you and total number of misses (wrong letters typed) done by you.

Typing Rocket- free online keyboarding game

In above screenshot, you could see letters with each rocket. Game score will be visible on top left corner and remaining time will be visible on top right corner.

This game is really interesting and helpful to get keyboarding skills.

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How To Use This Free Online Keyboarding Game for Kids?

To play this game, you need to access the homepage of this keyboarding game. You may use the link given at the end of this review. This game is specially designed for 2, 3, 4, and 5th grades kids. It doesn’t require any sign up process. All things are kept in mind according to usability of kids.

On its homepage, start the game by pressing the PLAY button. On the countdown of 3, game will start.

Typing Rocket- start the game

In the beginning, rockets will come one by one and in slow speed. Press the correct key to blast the rocket. For each correct hit, one point is added to your score. Burst sound of rockets is quite realistic and background music of game is also quite good.

type the correct letters

As the game progresses, more and more rockets will fly together. This could confuse you and you might type the wrong letter(s). For each wrong press, your score will be affected. Once the timer stops, final score will be provided to you.

final score

Total number of correct hits – total number of missed (wrong) hits= Your Final Score!


Typing Rocket is an interesting game for kids, no doubt. It will also enhance their keyboarding skills in a fun way. Moreover, their memory to quickly respond to type the correct key will also improve.

Try Typing Rocket free.

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