Free NFT Avatar Maker Tool for Twitter Profile Picture

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Twitter NFT Profile Picture Maker is a free online tool that lets you create NFT avatars for Twitter. Use these avatars as your Twitter profile pictures easily. It is an awesome tool for all Twitter users.

Twitter just rolled out a new feature in the NFT space. The feature allows users to put NFTs as their profile pictures. But unfortunately, this feature is only available for Twitter Blue subscribers of limited countries. So, BrandBird launched this free tool which lets you create transparent hexagon-shaped images. The image created resembles the NFT profile pictures of Twitter. You can upload any image and download the created avatar in PNG format.

How to use NFT Profile Picture Maker by BrandBird

To use the feature, visit the NFT Profile Picture Maker website. The website is very simple. You will see the home screen when you open the website. The home screen has the logos, tool name, some contact buttons, and tool features. The home screen looks like this:

NFT avatar maker for twitter home

The Company logo along with other features and tools is present at the top of the screen. Then comes the name of the tool, some introductory text, and the features of the tool. There are two buttons in the middle of the screen, “Join with Twitter” and “Upload Image” respectively.

You can continue the process via any of the two options. Click on the Upload Image button, to select an image from your device, upload it, and convert it into an avatar. Or you can click on Join with Twitter button, to join the service using your Twitter account and export the profile picture from there.

Upload Image:

Click on Upload an Image button to select an image from your device. Once you have selected and pressed Enter on your keyboard, your work is over. The website will convert the image into a hexagonal avatar on its own. The process is automatic.

You will see the result in the middle of the screen. You can click on the “Download” button to download your avatar. And a PNG image will be stored on your device. The avatar is ready to become your Twitter profile picture. I’ve added a screenshot to show you the same.

NFT avatar maker for twitter result

The new feature of Twitter is only available for the subscribers of Twitter blue in a few countries only. But this tool here makes it possible for everyone to profile pictures similar to NFT profile pictures of Twitter. Now you don’t have to wait to show your interest in NFT and web3. Do it for free using this easy website.


Twitter NFT Profile Picture Maker is a very interesting tool for Twitter users who do not have access to the latest Twitter feature. This website lets you use the exclusive feature of Twitter, limited to a few countries and people right now. This website is very simple as it has only one web page and completes the process in a single step. And it is easy to use because the process is automatic. All I have to do is to select an image and that’s it. And this website is free to use.

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