How To Bookmark Tweets

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This tutorial explains how to bookmark tweets.

TweetSave is a free online service to add tweets to saved list and generates a unique URL for those saved tweets. Using that URL, you will be able to access all saved tweets from any computer and browser. Whether you need to bookmark your own tweets or any other user’s tweets, this service is beneficial.

It doesn’t require any sign up process to save or bookmark tweets. TweetSave lets you save tweets either using its bookmarklet or by using its extension (available for different web browsers).

You can add multiple tweets to a single saved list or can create multiple saved lists. But remember that either you have to use the saved list URL or access ‘TwitterHandle Url‘ in this website to get back all saved tweets.

bookmarked tweets

In above screenshot, you can see the list of tweets saved by me using this useful service.

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How To Bookmark Tweets Using This Free Service?

To use this service, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the homepage location of this service using the link added at the end of this tutorial.

Step 2: On its homepage, you need to use its bookmarklet, or extension URL. If you want to work with its bookmarklet, simply drag the bookmarklet button “TweetSave!” and drop it to you web browser’s bookmarks bar.

add bookmarklet to bookmarks bar

If you have to use its extension, click on get the TweetSave browser plugin! option to visit homepage of extension. This tutorial is based on its bookmarklet button.

Step 3: On your Twitter page, whenever you have to bookmark a tweet, simply open that tweet, and click bookmarklet of this service. It will direct you to a new webpage on TweetSave, and that particular tweet will be saved. A unique URL for your saved tweet is also generated. Now you will be able to add more and more tweets to the same URL.

click bookmarklet to save tweet

Step 4: Remember the saved tweets URL or save it to PC to access it for the next time. Whenever you will open that URL, all your saved tweets will be in front of you. From the list of saved tweets, you will also be able to reply to that particular tweet, retweet that tweet, and mark that tweet as favorite.

saved tweets list


There are two important features of this service:

  • You can fetch all the tweets saved by you using a particular Twitter username. Simply access the URL: (replace TwitterHandle with your Twitter username).
  • You can access any individual saved tweet by using the URL: (replace TweetID by original ID of that particular tweet).


TweetSave is useful as it lets you bookmark any tweet and  keep an online backup of required tweets. The only thing you need to remember is saved tweets URL.

Try TweetSave free.

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