How to Hide Facebook Messenger Read Receipt, Typing Indicator in Chrome?

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The tutorial demonstrates how to hide Facebook messenger read receipt and typing indicator in Chrome.

There can be several reasons why you want to hide your read receipts on Facebook Messenger. Probably you don’t want other people to know that you have read their messages. Or the other reason could be that you accidentally saw the message but not willing to reply at the time.

Similarly, for typing indicators. While on conversion with someone on Facebook Messenger, you are typing and the other user has his keen eye on the typing bubble popping right there.

By using this Messenger Unseen Chrome extension, you can instantly turn off your typing indicator and read receipts in one click. And prevent yourself from people who caught you seeing their messages. Let’s go through the tutorial and know how to get it done quickly.

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Hide Read Receipt in Facebook Messenger

How to Hide Facebook Messenger Read Receipt, Typing Indicator in Chrome?

To block the read receipts and typing indicator, you can use the Chrome extension named Messenger Unseen. As the name suggests, you can turn your seen messages into unseen. But in reality, you would have read all the messages.

So the first thing you will have to do is to install the extension on your Chrome browser. Once it is installed, you will notice the new icon added next to the address bar in Chrome browser.

Now whenever you click on the extension icon, it gets enabled or disabled. You will notice the changes only while you use Facebook messenger.

How to know that? Well, when you get a message and you accidentally open it, the other user thinks you are ignoring them. So in that case, you can simply turn on the extension and your read receipt will be hidden. In other words, the user won’t be able to identify if you have seen the message or not. Then, you can reply to the user when you wish to without any pressure to reply them.

hide this typing indicator during chatting

The extension works for the typing indicator as well. While typing on Facebook Messenger, the other user keeps on staring at the popping chat bubble with three dots. I don’t know if it troubles anyone. But if this is a case, you can hide it too.

All in all, this Chrome extension benefits you in some way. You can block read receipts along with the typing indicator on Facebook Messenger in just one click.

In brief

Messenger Unseen is pretty easy to use Chrome extension. All you will have to add this to your Chrome browser and you are done. The extension hides both the read receipt and the typing indicator. Now the other user would never know if you have seen the messages. Neither they would find out if you are typing to them or not. You can try this extension and prevent yourself from people who notice you have seen the message. And, take your time to respond to people on Facebook Messenger.

Install Messenger Unseen Chrome Extension.

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