How to Calculate Estimated Reading Time of Pocket Articles?

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This article coves how to calculate estimated reading time of Pocket articles. For each article, which is present in your reading list in Pocket account, number of minutes or time is visible. This helps you get a good idea about how much time it will be needed to read the full article or webpage present in Pocket. You will also be able to sort Pocket articles by reading time.

Pocket (previously known as Read It Later) is an interesting service to keep the list of articles that you want to read later. But, the thing is it doesn’t have any native feature to check the reading time for some article. In the screenshot below, you can see that reading time is visible for each article stored in my Pocket reading list. The service that I have used for this purpose is named “Read Ruler“.

reading time of pocket articles visible

How to Calculate Estimated Reading Time of Pocket Articles?

This is a very simple service. There are no complicated settings. Just open the homepage of this service, login with your Google or Firefox account, and authorize this service. You must login with the same email address which is connected with your Pocket account.

create account and authorize

As soon as you login, you will see that list of your Pocket articles is visible and reading time for each article is also visible, just next to the title of each article.

Apart from that, it has some other useful options which you can try. Some of those options are:

  • You can sort articles by longest first.
  • Display articles with only 1 minute length, 2 minutes length, 5 minutes length, etc. The options are visible based on the reading time available for each article.
  • Enter amount of time that you want to read and then it will show the list of those articles that you can read in that particular time.
  • Check how many duplicate articles are present in your Pocket reading list.
  • View the Stats: You can check number of articles, total reading time for those articles, number of tags for all Pocket articles, how many articles have estimated reading time of 1 minute, 5 minutes, less than an hour, etc.

check stats and other options

So, pretty good options are present in this service. Explore and use the options as per your needs.

We’ve also covered a separate article on finding the reading time of any book.

The Conclusion:

This is a very simple service but the purpose for which it is built is great. Just connect your Pocket account and it will calculate estimated reading time of Pocket articles. The other options are also very useful such as Statistics, find duplicate articles, etc.

Try this service.

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