iPad Brain Game with 100 Levels to Challenge Your Brain

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Hyspherical is a free iPad arcade game with 100 levels to challenge your brain. The game is really really challenging and you will definitely scratch your head if you decide to play the game. Apart from just challenging your brain, the game also challenges your analytical skills.

The concept of the game revolves around rotating spheres and circles, but with a challenging twist. If you are already feeling like what the game exactly is, then continue to read to know the real and most interesting part of this game.


Gameplay of this iPad Brain Game with 100 Levels to Challenge Your Brain:

As I said, the game play of the game is very very challenging, so here is the challenging part. Each of the game has a certain number of overlapped and rotating circles, as shown in the screenshot below.

Rotating Circles

You can see that circle has cross icon at the center. You have to tap on the icon to generate one sphere. Each tap on the icon will generate 1 sphere, but you will be told about the number of spheres before the start of the level. Whenever you generate a sphere, it will start rotating automatically.

Generate Spheres

Now comes the challenging part of the game. You have to generate the required number of spheres in such a way that each of the generated sphere completes its one complete rotation without being overlapped by any other sphere. If any of the spheres overlap, then both of them will disappear.

Make Sure Sphere Don't Overlap

If your spheres disappear, then you can regenerate them by tapping on the + icon again, but there is a limitation on the number of times you can regenerate. On reaching the limit, the game will be over and you will fail the level.

On completing the level, you will see the time taken by you to complete the level, along with the number of stars earned. To earn maximum number of stars, you have to try to solve puzzles in least possible time.

Level Cleared

The game has a total of 100 levels, with each level getting more and more difficult, with increase in the number of circles and spheres.

Levles of Game

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Final Verdict:

Hyspherical is an awesome iPad brain game which challenges your brain and analyzing skills to extreme. All the levels of the game are well designed and very difficult. Do give it a try to test your brain and check how sharp it is.

Get Hyspherical here.

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