Free iPad Kids Jigsaw Puzzle Game: Tim the Fox

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Tim the Fox is a free kids iPad jigsaw puzzle game for kids of age 3 or above to solve jigsaw puzzles. The game consists of jigsaw puzzles of 12 unique and colorful pictures. All the images are very colorful and your kids will definitely be attracted towards this app to play the puzzles. Each of the puzzles ends up with a little animation which will also make your kid smile and wait for next puzzle. The app has a total of 3 categories for selecting the puzzles for your kids. Among them, only 1 is unlocked in free version while rest of the two are paid ones.

The app has support for 11 different languages like: English, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Chinese, Spanish, etc.. Apart from games and languages, your kid will enjoy listening to the game music while solving the puzzles.

Tim the Fox Home page

Playing Games Using This iPad Kids Jigsaw Puzzle Game:

When you will launch app, you will see the home screen of app with Tim the Fox, beautiful greenery, and flying butterflies. As I had mentioned that app consists of 3 categories. Tap on Red color option to go to categories. These categories are: Baby Puzzles, Winter Holidays, Cars and Transport. The Baby Puzzles is the unlocked level while the later two needs to be unlocked by upgrading to paid version.

Categories and Puzzles

Tap on Baby Puzzle to go to the next screen and check all the 12 puzzles. In the beginning, you will see that only the very first puzzle is unlocked while the rest are locked. Each of the locked puzzle will unlock as you will continue to solve the puzzle. Tap on first puzzle to start solving the puzzles and unlock the locked ones.

You can see that the first puzzle consists of an image of bicycle. Now, the app will displays 3 pieces to you randomly. You have to place these pieces to there exact place by matching them with the image. You have to tap and drag the piece to move it and then leave it at the place where you think it will fit in the image. If it really fits the images, then it will fix there, otherwise it will go back to its original position. Whenever you will place a right piece at its correct position, a new piece will appear on the screen. This way, all the pieces will continue to appear on the screen until you complete the whole image.

Solving Puzzle

On completing the picture, you will see a little animation related to the image. As you can see the image is of bicycle, so you will see that headlight of bicycle has turned On. Apart from this, you will see a congratulatory message from Tim the fox and next puzzle will be unlocked. This way, you have to unlock and solve all the puzzles. You can also replay any puzzle whenever you want. There are no limitations on it.

Tim the Fox Congratulatory Message

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Final Verdict:

Tim the Fox is an awesome iPad kids jigsaw puzzle game which tests your kids imagination and organization skills. All the 12 images are very colorful and awesome. The added short animation at the end after solving the puzzle makes this app even more interesting to play. You should give it a try.

Get Tim the Fox here.

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