4 Free iPhone Apps To Teach Math To Kids

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Here is a list of 4 free iPhone apps to teach Math to kids. You can use these apps for free and make your kids learn Math in an easy and funny way. When I say that these apps are free then it means that you don’t need to pay for any features of these apps. Just Install them and see your kids become a master of Maths.

These apps consists of different entertaining games which make it fun for your kids to learn Math. With the help of these apps, you can teach them Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Since these apps consist of games, hence they also offer your kids points for answering the questions correctly. Using these points, you can motivate your kids to perform better to rank high in the leaderboard which ultimately means that they will learn the basic functions of Math quickly and that too in a fun way.

1. Make 10 Plus:

Make 10 Plus

The first app in the list is Make 10 Plus. It is a simple Math game for kids which helps them in learning Addition. In this game, your kids will find two lines of cards (at bottom of screen) with different numbers marked on them. At top center of the screen, you will see a card marked with a number. Now, your kid’s job is to match the card at the center of the screen with any one of the cards placed in bottom two rows of the screen. While matching the cards, just keep in mind that the sum of the numbers on the two cards you are matching, should be exactly 10. For example, if the card shown at the top center of the screen is “9” than you have to select “1” from the bottom two rows to make the total sum equal to “10”.

Your kids get a specific amount of time to match the cards which gets increased with each correct matching of the cards. There are 5 different levels for you to choose from. You can also change the sum of the cards to required to match the cards successfully. You can set the sum to be anything between 5 to 20 and then 60 or 100. You can also choose that whether you want to use cards with numbers or Mahjong Dots in the app.

Get Make 10 Plus here.

2. Speed Cakes:

Speed Cakes

The Speed Cakes is a kind of adventurous sci-fi type of game for kids to learn Math. If your kid is a fan of sci-fi type cartoons like Phineas and Ferb or Dexter’s Laboratories, then he is definitely gonna like this game. In this game, your kid has to play like a scientist who is baking a cake with specific characteristics for delivering them on Earth. For baking the cake, he needs to use different ingredients in various proportions. Your kid’s aim in this game is to help the scientist find the right ingredients and mix them in right proportions. After baking the cake, he needs to decorate the cake and deliver it to Earth.

When your kid will be on his way to deliver the cake, then he needs to drive the spaceship cautiously to avoid any collision with obstacles or alien spaceships. When he gets successful in delivering the cake to Earth, then its time for some celebration. The app provides your kid with different options using which your kid can celebrate his success in his unique and special way. The app also lets you capture a screenshot of the celebration for sharing it with others.

Get Speed Cakes here.

3. Math Game ! !:

Math Game ! !

The third app in the list is Math Game ! !. This app helps your kids learn Addition and Subtraction. The gameplay of this app is exactly similar to that of Angry Birds. The only difference is that your kid is required to hit balls containing number with penguins instead of hitting the pigs with birds. While playing the game, your kid will see a question (Addition or Subtraction, depending on the settings set by you) at the top of the screen. Your kid needs to hit the ball containing the correct answer for the question displayed on the screen. The app provides your kid with 3 penguins to start the game with each penguin being lost for every wrong answer. You can choose from two different levels: Easy and Hard.

Get Math Game ! ! here.

4. Toddler Mathemagic HD Lite:

Toddler Mathemagic HD Lite

The final app in the list is Toddler Mathemagic HD Lite which lets your kid learn Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. Each of these math operation consists of various modules and each module is of 20 questions. Your kid needs to answer questions correctly as much as he can. The app also provides 5 options for each question, in which only one option is correct. At the end of each module, the app displays the correct answers and wrong answers given by kids.

Get Toddler Mathemagic HD Lite here.

With this last app, I conclude my list of 4 free iPhone apps to teach Math to kids. Just try out each of them and don’t forget to share the name of the app which you liked the most.

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