Websites To Add Anaglyph Effect Online To Photo

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You can easily Add Anaglyph Effect Online to Photos using the websites listed in this article. You just have to load your image and these websites will add anaglyph effect. After adding the effect, you photo will look like 3D anaglyph. These web apps merely add 3D anaglyph effect to photos. These are not to be confused with 3D anaglyph makers which can be viewed using Red and Blue 3D glasses. So, let us check out these websites and how they add anaglyph effect to photos.

Here Are The Websites To Add Anaglyph Effect Online To Photos

Mara 3D Anaglyph

Mara 3D Anaglyph is one of the many photo editing tools provided by Mara. It offers a very simple way to add anaglyph effect to photos. All you have to do is load your photo and the effect will be applied automatically. There are several ways to upload photo to this tool. You can load one from your PC, provide online photo URL, Paste from clipboard, import from Dropbox, or capture a picture from your Webcam. Once your photo is uploaded, the effect is applied to it and result is displayed as shown above. You can change Preview size according to your choice. To download photo with anaglyph effect, scroll down and click on Save option.

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ConvertImage: 3D Anaglyph Stereo Image Maker

ConvertImage: 3D Anaglyph Stereo Image Maker also lets you add anaglyph effect to photos online. It creates better anaglyph effect than Mara, but the process to do so is a little bit tedious. This is why, I have kept it at number 2 in this list.

To add 3D anaglyph effect to photo, you have to begin with selecting the output image format of the image. You can select one from many popular image formats, or select the Keep Original Format option. In the next step, upload the image on which you want to apply the effect. You only get the option to upload image from your PC. Along with various popular image formats, it also supports PSD, PDF, XCF, PICT, etc. formats. After selecting photo, you will have to agree with the terms of use. When done, click the Send the Image option.

As shown above, you will get two anaglyph outputs, color and black & white. Select the one you want to download and click on Validate option to download the photo with anaglyph effect.

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Pic3D is another good and simple option to apply 3D anaglyph effect on photo online. Just like ConvertImage, you can only upload a photo from your computer to add effect. Click on Choose File option to select the image of your choice. Instantly, the photo with applied effect will appear.

The image that appears is animated with the red and blue outlines varying periodically. So here, you get the option to download photo with effect of your choice. You can either download the photo with less or with more red and blue outlines. Simply click the Save button to download image at the instant which is perfect for you.

It supports almost all commomnly known and used image formats.

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DesignCold Create 3D Anaglyph Photo

DesignCold Create 3D Anaglyph Photo is the last website to add 3D anaglyph effect to photos in this list. Although this tool applies the effect, but it is not as good when compared to other websites mentioned above. It kind of flips the original image vertically and applies it over original one as overlay with red and blue effect. The beauty of effect is just my opinion and I think the images I used for testing, the effect did not suit them. Others may like it. So, it would be better if you give it a try.

Again, you can only add image from your PC. After uploading, you will be asked to crop the photo. Remember, you can only process a square shaped photo. If your image is triangular, it will be cropped to a square. After cropping, click Ok. The result will be displayed on the screen. You can save the image to your PC, or share on Facebook.

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Final Words

All of the mentioned website do a great job at applying 3D anaglyph effect online. And, all of them are very easy to use too.

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