Online Museum Maker For 3D Exhibition: 3D Gallery Template

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3D Gallery Template is an online museum maker for 3D exhibition. You can create simple yet amazing 3D gallery of your own images and videos. You can easily add images and videos to your 3D exhibition. For the images or videos you upload, you can add Title and Description as well. The simplicity of this web application and easy to use interface makes it a great tool for anyone who is looking to make an informal or quick slide show. The theme of this online museum maker gives it a classic look, just like a museum.

Let us take you through the basic steps of creating this 3D exhibition.

When you open the home page of this website, it looks like the screenshot as shown below. It lists down the basic steps which you need to follow in order to upload images and add videos to your 3D exhibition.

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How To Create 3D Exhibition Using This Online Museum Maker

After you open the homepage of this online museum maker, you have to close the dialog box. This is the page which opens after you close the dialogue box. This page gives you the option to upload your own image or video to 3D exhibition.

Use the buttons at the top of the image frame to either select image from your PC, or to add video URL. Remember, you can only add videos of YouTube or Vimeo via URL.


Once you upload an image, the final page looks like the image given above. There’s a small option right below the image on the left side. Here, you can add Title and Description of image you just uploaded.

After adding the title and description, you can read the same by single click on that option. If you wish to edit it, simply double click on the same option.

When you are done with one slide, simply press the arrow sign denoted by footsteps on the bottom on the screen. When you click the right arrow, you can move to the next slide. You can see the transition effect in the slide given above. In order to edit this slide, you can follow the procedure mentioned above. You may come across some images, which are already there in the second or third slide. Simply go ahead and change the image and description by clicking on the respective buttons.

The next step is to save the online museum you just created. The Save option is available at the bottom right corner of the screen. Saving your museum will ensure that you can edit it later on. Moreover, you get a unique URL for the 3D exhibition created by you.

Now, you can share this unique URL with others to view your online museum.


3D Gallery Template is quite simple and easy to use online museum maker. The transition effects are pretty basic, though the quality of the uploaded images stay good. There are some ads displayed with the museum, which are quite big in size and occupy 1/5th of the screen on the right hand side. Such huge ads actually take away the joy of viewing a gallery like slide show. However, if you are looking for something very basic without paying any subscription fees, this web application works fine.

Access 3D Gallery Template here.

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