5 Free Websites To Learn Home Remedies

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn home remedies. There are some very useful remedies for different ailments, available on these websites.

Home remedies have always been an effective alternative for curing various ailments. Older members of the house always have some advice to offer whenever there is some disease or problem. Some of them literally despise the doctors and mark them with various derogatory adjectives.

With changing times, these home remedies have grown in popularity and even the younger generation has caught the fever. Remedies like applying cucumber on eyes, different pastes on face to cure pimples are some of the most commonly used remedies. These websites mentioned below have a lot more remedies to offer. Let us have a look.

The 5 free websites reviewed in this article are My Home Remedies, Home Remedies Web, iLoveIndia, My-Home-Remedies, and Homemade Medicine.

My Home Remedies:

My Home Remedies

My Home Remedies is the first website to learn home remedies included in this article. The website is a result of various remedy submissions by different users. Each of you can submit a remedy and it will be viewed by users around the world. Each disease has multiple remedies and users can rate it based on their experience. Since these remedies are uploaded by users around the world, the website does not take any guarantee and suggests that you consult some expert.

All these remedies are divided depending on the category of disease it belongs to. You can view all these categories on the left hand side of your screen. There is also a separate space for all the recent remedy submissions.

Home Remedies Web:

Home Remedies Web

Home Remedies Web is another free option that you can look up on the internet to get some nice home remedies. The website has remedies for ailments like acid reflux, acne, age spots. You can view all these remedies in the popular remedies column on the home page. There is also one latest home remedies column on the home page for all the newly submitted remedies.

The website has another tab named Health Articles. It includes article on various health related topics providing simple and effective tips on how to improve your lifestyle and stay fit. You can also sign up for the free weekly newsletter by the website.



The third free website to learn free home remedies is iLoveIndia. This website is like an online magazine that includes articles and content on the topics like style, astrology, health, automobiles, and many more. Home remedies is one such topic that finds a place on this website. These remedies have been divided in the index into different categories. Remedies for digestive system have been separated from remedies for skin diseases, and other categories. There is also one miscellaneous category that includes all the sundry ailments.

The remedies available on this website are provided by the website itself. No user can submit their own remedy, and there is only one remedy for every ailment. However, you can add points to the available remedy if you find something missing.



My-Home-Remedies is the penultimate website reviewed in this article. Before you begin exploring all the remedies available on this website, there is an article on the home page you should read. This article explains all the reasons as to why you should use home remedies. Once you are through this article, you can view all the nicely separated remedies for various ailments and go through all of them. The index on the left hand side lists all the diseases and you can click any one of them to view its remedy. You do not have to create any account or go through any registration to view these remedies.

Homemade Medicine:

Homemade Medicine

Homemade Medicine is the fifth and final website reviewed in this article to learn home remedies. It comes with a very good-looking interface and remedies divided into various tabs. There are separate tabs for men, children, and women. There is also one tab named Articles. It contains multiple articles on various issues providing health tips and more.

This website believes that diseases and effects are different among men, women, and children. Thus, the remedies for these diseases should also vary according to their age, and weight. All these remedies have been provided by experts and no user can submit its own remedy.

There is no doubt about the fact that all of us at some point of time have benefited from home remedies. Sometimes we even use these remedies because we are too lazy to visit a doctor. All these websites help you enhance your knowledge of  remedies that can be tried to get over various ailments without visiting any doctor. Try them out and give us your crucial feedback.

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