5 Free Websites To Learn Digital Marketing

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn digital marketing. You can learn the basics of digital marketing on these websites without paying anything.

The world of marketing has gone through a huge transition in the last few years. A lot of marketing content has moved online, which has managed to attract the attention of customers even better. The popularity of different social networking websites, and the presence of so many potential customers on these websites have reaped huge benefits for marketing companies, who have invested & earned a lot through digital marketing. Thus, in order to excel in this race of digital marketing, it becomes really important to learn its basics and how the entire system works. These below mentioned websites help you in learning these basics and that too without paying anything.

The websites to learn digital marketing reviewed in this article are Salford Business School, Cloud Blueprint, GCF LearnFree, WVUComm MOOC, and copyblogger.

Salford Business School:

Learn Digital Marketing

The first website to learn digital marketing is Salford Business School. This is a platform created by the University of Salford in Manchester and offers a great deal of professional knowledge. It enables you to build your professional online profile and learn things like Search engine optimization & social media marketing tactics to improve online presence of your products. To help you learn these things the website has a database of 12 videos that teach you different things like Personal branding online, SEO, Monitoring and Reporting, and a lot more. Every video has been named according to what you get to learn on it. The link for each video is given on the home page, the link for which is given above. Attached with these videos are activities that test your new-found knowledge. Try it out from the link given above.

Cloud Blueprint:

Learn Digital Marketing

The second website to learn digital marketing is Cloud Blueprint. It comes with a beautiful interface, quite unusual for a website that offers technical knowledge and offers you free videos to learn different aspects of digital marketing. On the home page itself, you will find that the website contains a 12 video series, which is quite similar to the above-mentioned website. The length of this series is around 1 hour 45 minutes, according to the website, and different professional speakers, academic staff, etc. provide you insights of online marketing.

This 12 video long series begins with an introduction of the website and continues to cover topics like choosing a domain, attracting traffic, e-mail marketing, and much more. Apart from the videos, there are also blog posts on the website that cover topics like SEO guide, how to dominate google, and much more. Try it out for free from the link given above.

GCF LearnFree:

Learn digital marketing

The next free online platform to learn digital marketing is GCF LearnFree. To be honest, this platform is at best a good one for beginners who have no idea of digital marketing. You do not get to learn more sophisticated and technical aspects of digital marketing as the website restricts itself to teaching ways of how to use popular social media platforms to highlight your products to gain attention. But. as I said in the beginning itself, social media platforms have a huge potential as they pocket a large number of potential customers. Thus, learning how to maximize your chances by making good use of these platforms is not superficial knowledge as it might sound. So, go ahead, hit the link given above, and learn these different techniques.


Learn Digital Marketing

This platform to learn digital marketing is the product of West Virginia University created in collaboration with the Depart of Communication. Social Media has not only changed the structure of digital marketing, but it also strongly affects our social relations with others and determines our lives. This website provides you a four-week long course on how social media affects our social lives and how we can conquer different social networking platforms & technology. You can participate in these courses and also comment on them, for which you will have to create a free account.

Basically, this website provides you with 4 different courses and each of them is a week-long. You can choose to join any of these courses and go through its content on a day-to-day basis. All the four courses are in a way helpful, but the fourth course, ie “Understanding And Conquering Technology Overload”, has some  useful information regarding digital marketing. Try it out from the link given above.


Learn Digital Marketing

The fifth and final platform to learn digital marketing online is copyblogger.The website has got 16 different eBooks and a 20-installment email course that helps you become a master in online marketing. You are required to sign up and register with the website, after which you will begin to receive all this information in your mail. There are lessons to learn aspects of SEO, keywords, how to use Adwords, and much more. There are also lessons on techniques and strategies to make good use of social media platforms to promote your content. All this is sent to you at regular intervals in a systematic manner. so that you do not get confused with all the information at once. Try it out from the link given above.

Try out all these above-mentioned websites and learn the techniques of digital marketing to become a pro in these fast changing times.

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