5 Free Proxy Detector Websites to Check If IP is Proxy

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Here are 5 free proxy detector websites to check if IP is proxy. These websites check your HTTP request headers and IP address to tell if you are using any proxy server to hide your real IP. These online tools are very powerful to detect the proxies and even show you the detailed stats in their proxy test. With your current IP address, they can show you if you are using any VPN, TOR proxy, WEB proxy, public proxies(PUB), DCH proxy or any other. Some of these websites will even show you the location of the IP address that you are using as proxy. To detect proxy, you can either enter the IP address on these websites or they will automatically detect that as you visit them.

Sometimes there may be an automatic proxy set in your PC and you don’t know. But, you can always check that using these websites. Or, if you are using some proxies intentionally, in that case too you can use these websites to check if the proxy is working. All these online tools are very powerful to detect proxies and to disclose other details about that. However, if you are using some strong anonymous proxies, then these websites may not work.

Proxy Detector Websites to Check If IP is Proxy

5 Free Proxy Detector Websites to Check If IP is Proxy:

What Is My Proxy

what is my proxy in action

What Is My Proxy is one of the best free proxy detector websites to check if IP is proxy. This is quite a powerful website and was able to detect web proxy, TOR proxy, manual proxy, and VPN proxy for me. After detecting the proxy IP, it shows you its location and other information about the browser you are using to analyze. It shows the full HTTP header and tells you if “Do not track” is enabled in your browser. Also, it shows the location of your actual IP but that is not that accurate.

You are not even required to create an account on this website to detect proxies. As you visit its home page, it will automatically start detecting the proxy using the IP address. If it finds any proxy or TOR exit node, then it will show that on its interface. Thus, you will know the situation of the proxy you are using intentionally or unintentionally.


ip2proxy online proxy detection

IP2Proxy is a simple and yet powerful website to detect proxies using an IP address that you specify. Here on the web interface of this website it takes your external IP address manually to tell you if the IP is proxy and it will show various other details about that. You can see the type of proxy, country code, country name, region name, and ISP. It uses its huge database for IP lookup and shows the result. The interface of the website is simple and you can only use one IP address at a time to detect proxy.

Using this website to detect proxy online is piece of cake. Just go to the homepage of the website and then enter an external IP address to check. After that, solve the CAPTCHA and then proceed further. It will take a few seconds to load the report. And when it has done, it will place the report on its interface that you can analyze. You can see the information like proxy type, location of the proxy IP very clearly.

Advanced Proxy Check

advanced proxy xheck online proxy detector

Advanced Proxy Check is an extremely simple tool to detect proxy online. It simply tells you if you are using any proxy to browse internet. There are different type of tests available to detect proxy and show you the result. Different tests that it uses are rDNS, WIMIA Test, Tor Test, Loc Test, Header Test, and DNSBL Test. It uses all the tests on your external IP address and if it finds any proxy, then it will show you that. However, it can only tell you if the IP you’re using is proxy, unlike others, it doesn’t show you other details like country, region, etc.

To detect proxy on this website, you just have to open its homepage in your browser and it will start testing your IP. You can see the result that it shows in its interface. It shows the stats of each test that it has performed. The passed tests are marked “True” and negative tests are marked “False”. You can see that in the screenshot above.

Proxy Detector by IP-Check.Net

ip check net proxy detector

Proxy Detector by IP-Check.Net is another simple online tool to detect proxy and notify you. This website comes with a lot of other tools related to IP address and one of those tools is Proxy Detector. This website automatically records your IP address when you visit it and quickly tells you if you are behind a proxy server. However, you won’t be able to see other details about the proxy IP you are using.

Use the above link to reach the homepage of the website and then it will detect your IP address. It uses the HTTP header information to fetch the external IP address. And after that, it analyzes the IP and will show you the result. IT indicates if the external IP address is of a proxy server and it shows the corresponding host name if there is any. See the screenshot above.


whoer free proxy detector website

Whoer is the last free tool in my list which acts as a nice proxy detector too. Actually this website is meant to analyze the IP address that you are using. It shows a lot of details about your browser, IP address, and operating system. And if you are using any proxy or anonymity service, then it will tell you about that. Also, with the help of this website, you can see if the various aspects of browser are configured that may leak your privacy. And if it shows that your browser is exposed to privacy threats, then you can use some fingerprinting blocker extensions.

Whoer is a nice website and has an intuitive user interface. When you visit this website, it will start analyzing your IP address, browser, and other details. You will see the results if it detects that you are using a proxy server. Also, it performs WebRTC test to show your real IP address. In addition to this information, it shows operating system details, JavaScript status, Flash status and some other information which are useful.

Final Words

These are the best free proxy detector websites that I have listed. You can use any of the above websites to detect various type of proxies. All the websites that I have mentioned above are very smart to detect proxy. No matter if you are using a VPN or TOR exit node, they will detect that. So, if you are looking for proxy detector websites, then above list will be helpful.

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