5 Free Cryptocurrency Exchange API to get Latest, Historical Rates

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Here are 5 free cryptocurrency exchange API that you can use. With these APIs, you can query latest as well as historical cryptocurrency prices by making simple calls. Some of the following services provide your free plan with limited number of calls per month while some of them are totally free of charge. You just construct the API call URL and use that in your browser or in command line tools to get response data in JSON format. There are different parameters that you can use in your calls and get the data accordingly. In the following post, I will talk about five such services .

If you have certain interest in cryptocurrency prices then they are some online services to do that. Also, there are some software which can help you do that. But if you want some services which provide cryptocurrency exchange API, then this article will help you. Using all the services mentioned here, you can query the cryptocurrency rates and even convert that to other currencies. Apart from cryptocurrency, these APIs can also be used to get normal currency exchange rates.

Free Cryptocurrency Exchange APIs

5 Free Cryptocurrency Exchange API to get Latest, Historical Rates:


Cryptonator api in action

Cryptonator is a very simple cryptocurrency exchange API that you can use. Here, you just make an API call to the specified endpoint and get the data in JSON format. And the best part about the API is that you can use it without generating any API key or signing up for any other service. The API call is also very simple and you just have to specify the pairs in the call to get the latest exchange rates.

This is a pretty straightforward API that you can use to get cryptocurrency exchange rates for any currency. As I have already mentioned that you don’t need a key so you can start using it right away. You can see the following syntax of the API to get latest exchange rate for Bitcoin in United States dollar.


Above you can see, how this API works and returns data in JSON format. In the API URL, the first symbol is the base currency. The other currency can Be anything that this service supports. Also not only Bitcoin but you can query other cryptocurrencies as well like ETH, LTC, CDT, etc.


Coinlib.io free api cryptocurrency

Coinlib is an advanced API that you can use to get cryptocurrency prices data in JSON format. You can use it as an online service as well to keep track of various cryptocurrencies. And not only this, but this service provides its Android and iOS apps as well. The API service of this website is very nice and simple. You just create a API key and then start using that to make API calls and get data. This service allows you to get JSON data of cryptocurrency exchange rates in any other currency you want. It supports a lot of popular and less popular cryptocurrencies like ETH, LTC, BTC, CDT, EOS, and some others.

Use the above link to sign up for free account and then simply start making the calls. Below is the syntax of this API and you can use it in any browser or cURL like command line tool. Specify the main parameters and then simply get the response. In the screenshot above, you can see the JSON data it generated in my case.


This way, you can use this API anytime you want. And you can easily use this in your application or in any other programming work. For more details on this API, you can see its documentation page.


CoinMarketCap API in action

CoinMarketCap is feature rich API that you can use to get cryptocurrency exchange prices. To use this API, you have to generate the API key first and the start querying prices. You can easily use this API to get latest cryptocurrency prices for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and some other popular cryptocurrencies. Hindi API URL, you just have to specify the cryptocurrency of your interest and the target currency in which you want to see its price. Just like all the API, you will get the response in JSON format. And if you want to get the response in other formats then you can convert JSON data to CSV, XML.

Sign up what are free version of service and get your API key. The following Syntax of the API will be used to make the calls. You can construct API URL in this way, and use it to get the data. For example, the below URL will get you the bitcoin price in Indian Rupees.


The above example was for Bitcoin but you can use this API to query other cryptocurrencies too. Syntax of the API is same for every cryptocurrencies want to query. You will just have to change parameters in the API URL accordingly.


cryptocompare api in action

CryptoCompare is another free API which is useful to get latest cryptocurrency data by making simple API calls. Here the best part about the CPI you that you can use to get data for multiple cryptocurrencies at once. You can specify multiple best cryptocurrencies and target currencies to get their prices. Just like all the other API in the list, it uses JSON format to show you the response data. Just at the endpoint by making an API call and get response. To use this API, you just have to generate a free API key by signing up for a new version of the service.

Everything about me to sign up for a free account and get API key. Now come the next step is to construct API call URL. See the following Syntax and form the API URL in this way and then paste it and browser. Or, if you want to use command line then you can do that.


This way, you can use this API to get cryptocurrency exchange rate for popular currencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, CDT, and some others.


CoinAPI in action

CoinAPI if yet another free cryptocurrency exchange API that you can use to get latest cryptocurrency data. In the free plan, there are some features missing but this is good for querying cryptocurrency prices right from the command line. In the command line parameters, you can specify the ID or symbol of the cryptocurrency you want to get. It returns data in JSON format that you can use wherever you want.

To use this API, you will have to get the API key first to start using it. Go to the homepage of the service and then sign up for a free account. After that copy API key and then open Command Prompt for terminal to start using this API. The syntax of the API URL given below. In the following command you just have to enter the cryptocurrency and the target currency to see its price. You can use cURL or wget to make API calls and get data in JSON.

curl https://rest.coinapi.io/v1/exchangerate/BTC/USD \ --request GET --header "X-CoinAPI-Key: 73ccccc41"

Above you can see How this API works To get you latest cryptocurrency exchange rates that you can analyse. Also you can use this API Historical. Currency exchange rates. For more sophisticated use of the API you can see the docs here.

Final words

These are best free APIs to get cryptocurrency exchange rates. You can easily use these in your web or mobile applications. There are some good examples for different programming languages are available on their documentation page. Also, all these APIs can be used from browser or command line to get cryptocurrency data. All these API work with various cryptocurrencies and give you latest cryptocurrency data that you can use wherever you want. So, if you’re looking for some free cryptocurrency exchange APIs, then this post will definitely come in handy.

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