Customize WordPress Login Page with These Free Plugins

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This post lists some best free plugins to customize WordPress login page. Here using these plugins, you can customize the login page of any WordPress website with ease. They come with a lot of options to change the different parameters of login page such as background, logo, foreground, layout, form style, and many others. Here you can just simply use the plugins and customize almost every aspect of the login page. These plugins come with certain templates as well that you can simply choose and then save changes to the login page of your WordPress site.

The default login page of a WordPress site is very plain and simple. There isn’t even the logo of the website on that and this is same for all the WordPress websites out there. In case you want to make your website stand out from the rest of the others then plugins mentioned here will help you. These plugins will help you customize the login page of your WP website the way you want. You can use a custom background image, add your website logo, change the sign in form type, its color, position, and many other parameters. You are free to fully customize the login page and revert to the original login page whenever you want to.

Free Plugins to Customize WordPress Login Page:

Custom Login Page Customizer

Custom Login Page Customizer hardeep

Custom Login Page Customizer is one of the best free login page customizers for WordPress that you can use. Use it to fully customize the login page however you want. It comes with some ready-made templates that you can chose and apply. You can access this plugin directly from the theme settings and change anything that you want. You can add logo on the login page, change background, change from style, add a background image to login form, and do much more. There are a lot of options in the plugin that you will like and you can easily use it.

Get this plugin from the above URL and then activate it. You can then access it from the Appearance section to start tweaking the login page. There are various sections in the plugin to customize various aspects of the login page. You just select the part you want to modify and then you are done. It has a nice visual editor, where you can see the changes in real time. Keep customizing the login page and keep watching its preview. In the end, when you are done, simply publish the changes to the main website.

Colorlib Login Customizer

Colorlib Login Customizer

Colorlib Login Customizer is another very nice WordPress plugin you can use to customize the login page of your WordPress site. Here this plugin is similar to the above plugin but it has a few things extra in it. Apart from just changing the appearance of the login page, here it even lets you change the layout the login page. If you want the login box at some another position then you can do that. It comes with various layouts that you can choose for the login page and save changes. All the other basic customization features include that you get in other plugins I have mentioned here.

Just get this simple and powerful plugin and then start with the login page customization. Just select a template and layout and like the above plugin, it will show you the live preview of the login page. Here you are free to change various parameters such as background image, colors, and the logo image. Tweak these things from the different sections on the plugin and then publish the final changes. The styles that it adds on the login page are responsive as well, which is a good thing.

Arrow Login Page

Arrow Login Page

Arrow Login Page is yet another free WordPress login page customizer that can be used. Here you will find this plugin to be similar to some other plugins I have mentioned here. It comes with beautiful premium themes that you can apply on the login page and save changes. However, only basic themes are included in the free version. When it comes to customize login page then with this plugin here, you can change layout of login page, set custom background image, set logo, and add a custom CSS to define your own style. It even has some options related to the customization of the login form as here you can change colors for the form and even add a background image.

Simply get this plugin and after activating it, you can find it in the WordPress sidebar. Next, you just start with the customization process and first step is to select a template. The few themes in the beginning are free and others are included in the free plan. You can then move to the next part to customize the logo on the page and then login form itself. It lets you choose a custom image for the background of login page and for the login form separately. Use the login options to replace the WordPress login with yours. And in the end, you can add custom CSS code if you have good CSS skills. To save changes, you just hit the publish button and then page will replaced with the one you’ve just created.

Custom Login Page Templates

Custom Login Page Templates Cozmos Labs

Custom Login Page Templates is kind of a simplistic plugin for WordPress to customize the login page. Here it does help you tweak the login page of WordPress but here you will not find many options for the customization part. Here it simply lets you choose a theme from a drop down list and a custom background image. Many other options to explicitly change the form color and type are missing but here you can use your own custom CSS for the customization process.

If you need a simple login page customizer plugin for your WordPress site then just install it and activate it. Later, you can just start using it to customize the layout as well as appearance of the login page. Just select any template from the list there and then move on to the next section to specify a background and logo image. If you are kind of good in HTML/CSS then here you can add custom CSS code to change several aspects of the login page and then login form itself. Use this minimal login page customizer plugin if you don’t need so many other customization options.

Customize Login Page

Customize Login Page abozain

Customize Login Page is the simplest WordPress login customizer that you can use. Here this is a simple and straightforward plugin that you can use. With this, you can opt to add the logo of your site on the login page with ease. You just need to select the image you want to set your logo. Additionally, you can specify custom size for that and then you are free to save the changes. If you only want to replace the WordPress logo from the login page then this is the perfect login page customizer you use.

Follow the above link or, you can search in in WordPress plugin directory. Just install it, activate it, and access its interface from the “Settings” sidebar option. It comes with a simple interface as well where you only have to select the logo image that you want to use. After logo image, if you want to specify a custom size for it then you can specify that. It has preview option in it and you can see how the final page looks after saving the changes.

Closing thoughts

These are the best free WordPress login page customizer which you can use. Use any of these plugins on your website and then you are free to do anything that you want. Customize the background of login page, customize login form, add logo and do much more with these. They are very easy to handle and the ones which come with visual editor can be used by even naive WordPress users. So, if you are looking for some free WordPress login page customizer plugins for WordPress then you have come to the right place.

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