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Free Password Generator is a free software that lets you create strong passwords based on user-defined criteria. It’s a handy and reliable tool designed to help you generate passwords that are hard to crack. With Free Password Generator, you can create passwords of any character length or content. The passwords contain a mix of  alphabets, numbers, or special characters in mixed case.

People usually go for patterns like family names, hobbies, pets, or some sort of predictable criteria when it comes to choosing passwords for some app or account. However, its not a safe practice since anyone can easily crack these passwords and get an unauthorized access to their account. Therefore it becomes important to choose strong, as well as unique passwords for every account you create. A password generator helps in automatically generating strong passwords using a mix of alphanumeric characters. Free Password Generator is one such handy and reliable tool that does the task for you.

Free Password Generator interface

There are so many free password generators available out there, but what makes Free Password Generator different is its ability to generate multiple passwords together, which can be simultaneously copied to clipboard or saved to a text file. The app can be downloaded from its official website using the link given at the end of this article. Let’s see how you can use this handy tool to generate unique passwords that cannot be predicted easily.

Generate Passwords, Import them to Text Files using Free Password Generator:

Free Password Generator works in a pretty simple way. All you need to do is to specify the total number of passwords you want to generate, password length, and some character options.

The character option section contains check-boxes that lets you specify what kind of characters you want to put in your passwords. These include uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numbers, and special characters.

Free Password Generator password generation

Once you specify the options, just press the “Generate Password” button. This will quickly generate the specified number of passwords based on the given criteria and list them for you. You can choose to copy these passwords to clipboard, or directly import them to a text file. This is all about this free password generator, now lets have a quick look on its key features.

Free Password Generator export

Key Features of Free Password Generator:

  • Free password generator for Windows.
  • Generate unique and strong passwords based on user-defined criteria.
  • Allows choosing a mix of uppercase/lowercase characters, numbers, and special characters to create passwords.
  • Can create multiple passwords together.
  • Create passwords of specified character length.
  • “Copy passwords to clipboard” option.
  • “Save passwords to text file” option.
  • Options to save the last settings for the program.Free Password Generator options
  • Option to enable message box notifications.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight and handy.

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The Final Verdict:

Free Password Generator is a useful tool to generate multiple passwords with a single mouse click. The app generates strong passwords based on user-defined criteria and also supports exporting them to text files directly from the program interface. Give it a try!

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