5 Free Software To Generate Random Numbers

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Here, is a list of 5 free software to generate random numbers.

Have you ever tried to create a gaming application and came across this situation where you needed some random numbers? And if you did, you might have tried searching for a good random number generator that can do the task for you. Well, there are bunch of free random number generators available out there, but before we discuss them, let’s have a quick look on what a random number generator does and where it can be used.

A Random Number Generator is a free software that generates a series of random numbers (which doesn’t follow any pattern) between a minimum and a maximum value. These numbers can be used in various application areas, like you can use them if you are developing a gaming software; something which relates to coin flipping, dice rolling, or card shuffling. Or when you are planning to develop a math learning software, random number generators can be used to generate single or multiple digit numbers to create problem questions for sample exercises. Also, you can use them in Gambling or for choosing a lottery number.

Apart from that, a random number generator can also be used in generating encryption or decryption keys for data security applications, or for any sample data in statistics. There are bunch of tools available that generates random numbers, and we have found 5 such free software that can generate random numbers for you. Have a look and give them a try.

List Generator:

random number generator 03

List Generator is a free random number generator that generates a list of random numbers between any two given numbers. It’s a powerful random number generator that can generate any amount of random numbers with specified number of digits. Apart from that, it can also generate a list of sequential numbers between a given upper and lower limit.

Another interesting feature this free app provides is that it lets you add a suffix and (or) prefix to the list of numbers you generate. This is something unique which most of the random number generators don’t offer and which can be useful in some cases. So go head, download List Generator free and give it a try!

Woks With: Windows

Price: Free

Download: Click here to download List Generator.

Watkins Random Number Generator:

random number generator 02

Watkins Random Number Generator is a freeware app that generates random numbers within a specific range. It’s a handy and lightweight application that quickly generate random numbers, provided that you specify an upper limit, a lower limit, and a number count. The program comes with a user-friendly interface and generates random numbers in both Uniform (positive integers only) and Gaussian (both negative as well as positive fractions) distributions.

Watkins is pretty simple and quite reliable, and a nice app to try. Download it free and check it out!

Woks With: Windows

Price: Free

Download: Click here to download Watkins Random Number Generator.

Random Number Generator:

random number generator

Random Number Generator is another free Windows app that can generate random numbers automatically. It’s a simple and handy tool that generates 16-bit random numbers. The program window looks much like a command-prompt rather than a friendly graphical user interface. But the usage is extremely simple. All you need to do is to specify how many random numbers you need and hit Enter. Random Number Generator will then quickly generate random numbers for you, and display a list of them which you can copy-paste anywhere.

This free random number generator doesn’t allow you to enter a range within which you can generate random numbers. So if you don’t have any upper or lower limit boundations, you can download this app free and give it a try.

Woks With: Windows

Price: Free

Download: Click here to download Random Number Generator.


random number generator 04

SoftLotto is a free software, which has been designed to generate random numbers for lottery. It can generate either unique numbers or numbers that are allowed to repeat within a specific range. With this free app, you can generate up to 9 random numbers at a time, or use the “Generate” command multiple times to repetitively generate random numbers with a single mouse click. Apart from that, you can copy the list of generated numbers to clipboard or save it to your system as text file.

SoftLotto comes with an easy to use interface, which is quite attractive. Moreover, it provides a help manual enlisting its working details and features. Download SoftLotto free and check it out now!

Woks With: Windows

Price: Free

Download: Click here to download SoftLotto.

Random Number Generator by 2xDSoft:

random number generator 05

Last one in the list is Random Number Generator by 2xDSoft. It’s a simple and easy-to-use software to generate random numbers one by one, by providing an upper and lower bound for each number explicitly. You can copy these numbers to clipboard by using keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+C”, and paste them anywhere.

This free app is completely lightweight and works in a simple manner, and though it doesn’t provide any solution to generate multiple random numbers at a time, it still lets you generate random numbers with higher number of digits. Download it for free and give it a try.

Woks With: Windows

Price: Free

Download: Click here to download Random Number Generator by 2xDSoft.

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