Free Typing Tutor to Learn Typing: TIPP10

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TIPP10 is a free typing tutor. The program offers a host of interactive typing lessons aimed at helping users learn and practice typing. TIPP10 even allows users to create their own custom lessons and even view their progress using reports. The program runs is available on Linux, Windows, MacOS and comes in two languages, English and German.

Features of free typing tutor

Simple and easy to use. The program is made for use by all kinds of people including small children. No complex configuration is required and the program literally takes you through all steps and even explains what is expected of the user.

The program processes data in real-time. In case you get a character or word wrong, the program immediately detects this and immediately starts repeating the word. The program’s engine separates commonly appearing letters to those that appear rarely letting you practice on the letters you are more likely to come across.

Detailed and comprehensive results for each typing lesson attempted. The results include information you can use to check your progress like number of errors made, words per minute and time taken to do each lesson. You can also find out which individual characters are still posing problems and work on them.

Customizable typing lessons. You can create your own lessons using open lesson and use your own text to improve your typing speed. You can also load and dictate your own custom text in particular disciplines. You can also customize various lesson options like lesson durations, ticker speed, change font size and even choose from a variety of visual aids for any lesson.

Multiplatform and Multilingual. TIPP10 is available on all major platforms including Mac OS and Linux. TIPP10 supports German and English, and supports a variety of common keyboard layouts including QWERTY.

How to use it

Installation went on with no issues whatsoever. The program is quite simple and all items are well packaged in a single compact, tabbed interface.


For beginners, it is strongly recommended that you start with the first lesson but for persons a bit familiar with typing, you can attempt any of the available lessons. To begin training, select a lesson from the Training Lessons tab. The length of the lesson can be set by either limiting time or the number of characters. To limit using time, check the time limit option and enter a suitable time period or check Character limit and enter a suitable number of characters to limit the number of characters.

You can set the program to omit typing errors by checking the Block Typing Errors checkbox and allow the errors to be corrected with the backspace by checking the correct with Backspace option. Users are supported during the lesson via the keyboard, coloured keys, separation lines and instructions. All the support features can be enabled or disabled by checking the respective options. Once you are satisfied with the lesson options click Start Training to begin the lesson.


Lessons can be ended at any time by clicking the Exit Lesson early button or paused using the Pause button. You can view a report of how you fared on the lesson on the Report tab of the results window which can be accessed from the Go menu. The Over view of lessons tab displays lesson results saved by the system. To view a graphical representation of your progress over a number of lessons, click the Progress of Lessons tab. You can view the error rate of each character and corresponding fingers on the Character and Fingers tab respectively. Click Close to revert back to the home screen. To play a game, select ABC Game from the Go menu. User support is available on the Help menu. Unfortunately, Open lessons are only available in German only.



  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Adequate user support with typing tutor.
  • Multiplatform application.


  • Open lessons only available in German.
  • Users cannot create accounts to accurately track their progress on shared computers.


TIPP10 is a great typing tutor but lacks crucial support for features like personal account creation .

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Works With: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Free/Paid: Free

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