Track Downloads Across Chrome, Firefox, uTorrent on PC from Android

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Checketry is a download manager which lets you track download progress across Chrome, Firefox, qBittorent, Steam like applications right from your smartphone. Here it connects to the installed apps first and then you can track download progress in your Android or iOS smartphone. In the free version, you can only track downloads but in paid plan, you can even pause them and opt for shutdown PC when download finishes. Also, in the free plan, you will see ads in the apps but I think that should be fine. Also, you can see finished downloads and downloads in the queue.

If you want to track the status of downloads on your PC while you are away then Checketry is what you need. You can track the downloads and then you can use other apps or methods to shut down your PC remotely (when you are on free tier). This option is available in the app but not in the free plan. The app is simple and has a simple interface. The free plan of Checktry has some limitations but still a very good option to track downloads. If your aim is to just monitor the ongoing downloads then this is the right app for you.

Track Downloads Across Chrome, Firefox, uTorrent on PC from Android

How to Track Downloads Across Chrome, Firefox, uTorrent on PC from Android?

Here in order to get started with this is simple download manager is very simple. Even though there are some download manager software also available but it is very different from them. Here it is specially created to monitor ongoing downloads in various applications on your PC. After you download it from here and its Android app from here, simply create a free account.

After installing the software, you can simply start by adding apps that you want to monitor for the download process. Currently, it supports Chrome, Firefox, Steam, and qBittorent. To add Chrome or Firefox, you just need to install a simple Chrome extension in browser and an addon in Firefox.

Checketry add apps to monitor

After connecting apps, you can start a download in Chrome or Firefox or in any other application. When the download is in progress, you can see its status in the app right on your phone. You can see the screenshot below to understand this. You can see the download that have finished in the “Finished” section of the app.

Checketry in Android smartphone

In this way, you can use this simple download manager to track download progress across various applications. You can see this in action on PC in the first screenshot that I have added in the beginning. However, you just need to keep the free limitations in mind.

Final thoughts

Checketry is an amazing tool that you can use to easily track download progress across applications. You just start it and then log in everywhere with the same credentials and then let it do its work. In my case, it was able to show download progress and finished downloads on my phone but sometimes, there are lags. But I believe this will all be fixed in the coming updates.

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