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Yadis! Backup is a free  backup tool which backs up your data in real time. Yadis! Backup backs up your data in real time as you change it.

I personally prefer to use Live Mesh or Dropbox to backup my data in real time, but the main advantage of Yadis! Backup is that you can backup any number of folders that you want. So, you can use tools like Dropbox to backup the more critical folders (as that data is backed up online as well), and then use Yadis! Backup to backup other folders.

Yadis! Backup has an  intuitive design and is an efficient application where  you can decide what you want to backup. You can save the data in your favorite destination and if your destination is not available, it will be postponed till it becomes available. Even if you make any changes in your documents, your data will be saved automatically without scheduling it.

Yadis Backup

Yadis! Backup saves your time, efforts, and energy. There are other backup tools but they are hard to understand and may complicate you. The main strength of Yadis! Backup is its simplicity of use.

Some of the feature of Yadis! Backup:

  • It is small and user friendly
  • It lets you decide what to backup
  • It copies the files to your favorite destination
  • To access the backup files, you don’t need Yadis! Backup
  • It makes a backup of the changes you make without the need to schedule it

This program is safe, user friendly and saves you a lot of troubles. This freeware utility is a must have application which protects your private information and keeps your data safe and sound.

Other free backup software that you can also try are: JaBack, and StorThing.

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