Track Habit Building Like a Game with Rewards, Punishments: Habitica

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In this article, you will read about a web application that lets you track habit-building like a game with rewards and punishments.

We all struggle to keep up while forming a new habit from time to time. Although we need some incentives as a reward for completion for one cycle of habit-forming, we tend to take those incentives for granted as well.

If you are looking for some interesting and attention-grabbing ways to form new habits, you may want to try gaming like structure for it. There is a web application called Habitica that can help you with habit formation using a game-like structure.

Track Habit Building Like a Game with Rewards, Punishments: Habitica

Habitica is a free and simple web application that lets you track your habits in a game like virtual space that you can design on your own. This web application lets you track the habit in every area of life and not limited to work or physical training. Let us see how you can track habit-building using Habitica.

For this, you first have to sign-up to the web application using either the email ID or Facebook Id. You can also directly sign-up using your Gmail or other email address. Click here to visit the website directly.


After you sign up, you will be asked to allow access to use some general information of the email account. In the next step, you can set up the name of your profile and avatar of the profile icon.

Input Name

You can edit the Body type, Skin color, Hair Color and other extra add-ons for your profile avatar. Think of it like customizing your gaming avatar in a game before getting into the game.

Edit Avatar

Click on “Next” to move forward with the process. Here, you can select the areas for which you want to develop and track the new habits. For most people, it is essentially the “work” and “exercise”, but you can also track your “creative habits”, “self-care habits”, and many more aspects of life.

Select the use of Habitica

Click on “finish” after you input the desired choices. Your account page will show you all Kanban board like system of tracking and editing your profile account. You can add the tile card in the sections named as “habits”, “to do’s”, and Daily chores.


Click on the “+” sign or tile to edit the task and input the notes as well as tweak the settings of the tasks. You can also mark the habit as negative of positive which will help you realize which of the habits you need to eliminate and which ones to cultivate.

Edit Tasks

Moreover, you can also set up the reward system that will actually cost you real money if you want. It means that you can buy your reward and set it up for completion of a habit that you may want to cultivate.  Edit Rewards

That’s it, you can now gamify your habit-building process.

In brief

This whole process of building positive habits and eliminating the negative ones may become hectic, but you can set a game tone to this whole structure by using Habitica.

Try this web application here.

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