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PrintFriendly makes any page printer friendly. If you want to take a print of any web page, but do not want to print ads, you can just type address of that website in PrintFriendly, and it will generate a printer friendly page of website for you. PrintFriendly also comes as a browser bookmarklet, so when you are on some web page, you can just click on that bookmarklet to get printer friendly version of that website. This is much easier than the options we reviewed earlier like PrintWhatYouLike, and GreenPrint.

Here is a video overview of PrintFriendly:

How to Add “Printer Friendly” Option to your Website:

If you are a website owner, you can also add PrintFriendly button to your web site look more attractive with the help of beautiful print version. It helps readers save both paper and ink. It automatically creates a print.css for your site, it can even customize the button. Users can remove images, content and save as PDF. PrintFriendly helps in reading the web page more easily.

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There are number of features of PrintFriendly which makes its use more in day-to-day life:

  • PrintFriendly helps in changing colors into Black or White. PrintFriendly page set up is black text on white background. It helps in easy understanding of web page.
  • PrintFriendly helps in changing the fonts. Most of the fonts are written in sans-serif fonts because it is easier to read. But when moving to PrintFriendly serif fonts are easier to read.
  • Watch the font size. If you are writing a web page with small font size of about 11px or smaller than you should increase the print size for printing.
  • Change the color of the links which makes it easier to understand and read that the underline text is a link.
  • All non-essential images should be removed. Images should be placed when required not every time as logo on any page.
  • All navigation must be removed. It makes the page difficult to print because of advertisement and side navigation. Removing it allows more text to be visible making it easier to read the page more easily.
  • All JavaScript, flash and animated videos must all be removed. These don’t print out well and often create problem in printing.
  • You should include a by line on your article in a PrintFriendly version. This helps in finding who wrote it without having going to the web page again.
  • Original URL must be included at the bottom of the print out. This helps the customers to get back to the same page online if they want to get more information.
  • Include a copyright notification so that your data is not stolen and you have your own right over the web page.

All these guidelines helps in creating a PrintFriendly pages for your site which helps the customers save money, paper and keeping them happy.

So check out the PrintFriendly which helps you in saving money, paper, and making your web site look more attractive and beautiful. You will definitely like it.

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