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Trickle is a free online learning website to learn at your own pace with revisions. The website makes learning easy as you can learn at your own speed which can be even few minutes per day. This website contains sources of learning by experts and content like talks, podcasts, books, and articles. The website even helps you remember what you have learned by making you revise as well.

The website can help you make learning a part of everyday life as you can access the website from anywhere and anytime.

Let’s look at this free online learning website below:

Go to the website using the link given at the end of this article. The home page of the app will look like the screenshot above. Click the “join for free” button to start with the website.

You will be asked to create an account and login to the website. You can also use your Google account to login to the website. The login page also let’s you know that it is in Beta testing version right now. Go ahead and sign in.

After signing in you will see a message like the one shown in the screenshot above. Click the proceed to your homepage button to go forward.

On your home page you will be asked to choose a stream to start your learning process. You can scroll through streams available using the forward and back arrows. When you come across one that you would like to read about you can click on start learning button given below.

Clicking the start learning button will take you to the article about the topic you selected. Below the article you will find many more resources related to the same topic. Available resources could be more article, audio, or videos. When you click the start learning button the article you will be taken to are called “drips”. On the homepage you will shown how many drips have your read, which basically means how many article you have read today. When you complete reading a chapter you will see a summary of what you have read, like seen in the screenshot below.

The web app also lets you add your own resources related to the topic you are learning about. Click the home button and scroll down the page and you will find add new resources section.

If you think there is a article or video which relates to your topic, then you can add that source in this app as well. Just click the add new source button and add the URL of the source file.

You also need to create a stream for yourself, where your progress and articles you have read so far can be stored. Just click on the create stream icon and give a name to your stream. That is it. Now all the article and sources related to this topic can be saved under this stream you created. The stream can also be marked as public or private.

If you click the catalog button given at the top right corner, you will be shown all the categories of learning available on the website like productivity, communication, mind, nutrition, technology, creativity, health, learning, etc.


Trickle is a nice free web app for online learning. The best part is that you can learn at your own pace. There are no timers, no time limits to complete anything. Give whatever time you can take out during the day to learning. It can be 10 minutes or 30 minutes. Just log in to the website from anywhere and start reading and learning about any topic of your interest. You can read article, listen to audio, and watch videos. You can also revise what you have learnt through a summary window at the end of the chapter.

Check out Trickle web app here.

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