2 Open Source e-Learning Software Free

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This article covers 2 open source e-learning software. One of these software is web-based whereas the other is desktop software for Windows. The web-based software is where you can fetch available resources and learn new things. It recommends your content based on your activities and gives you access to public content and projects available on the platform.

The desktop software lets you create your own learning resources and upload them on the platform. It lets you create interactive courses with MCQ, photos, videos, polls, datasheets, etc. It is a cross-platform software means it would work on all PC whether its Windows, macOS, or Linux. Both these software combined makes a complete e-learning system where you can teach and learn online. So, let’s check these software in details.

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Open Source e-Learning Software Free:


open source e-learning software

LearnSpehre is an open source e-learning software that offers online learning analytics infrastructure by integrating analysis repositories with educational data. You can join this platform by creating a free account. Then, you can explore the content and add that to your workflow. This software is specially targeted for the audience pursuing higher education, especially for analysis purposes.

This software has an online workflow authoring tool, Tigris. This is the section where all the learning happens. This tool lets you manage your workflow and suggests you content based on your activities and existing workflow. In other words, it makes it easy to find educational resources and let you manage all your workflow with the following features:

  • Annotation
  • Import
  • Database
  • Transform
  • Analysis
  • Visualization
  • Tetrad
  • Contribute

You can use these features simply by dragging them to your workflow. Then, you can add data and customize them as per your needs. In case, you are having a hard time finding educational content, you can use the search feature that lets you search for resources by name, author, component, date, etc.

This software has a decent collection of free educational content and resources. Some of those content are locked and some of them made available by authors by sending a request.

Give this open source e-learning software a try here.


open source software to make interactive courses

OpenLearning is a comprehensive e-learning software which is both, free and open source. Unlike LearnSphere, this software is designed to create and distribute educational resources and lessons for online learning. You can install this software on a PC running Windows, macOS, or Linux and it requires an internet connection to work.

This software has a simple user interface with a navigation panel to jump through the various sections. The navigation panel contains the resources that you can add to your creation. Here is a list of things that you can add:

  • Text, Image, Dialog, Button
  • Video (via URL)
  • Charts
  • Game
  • Final Score
  • Score Table & Data Table

Apart from that, this software also supports many other features through plugins. You can download plugins from the website and add to the software to use those features. With all that, you can design an interactive online lesson and publish it on the Open Learning platform.

You can learn more about this software in this detailed article.

Try this open source e-learning software here.

Closing Words:

These are the 2 open source e-learning software. With these software, you can learn yourself and educate others online. With LearnSphere, you can find assets and resources to enhance your knowledge. And, with OpenSphere, you can share your knowledge and ideas through interactive lessons. If you are aware of any free open source e-learning software then do share that with us in the comment section below.

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