Freelance Website to Find Freelancers for SEO and Article Writing: SEOClerks

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SEOClerks is a freelance website where you can find freelancers for SEO, article writing, blog posting, forum posting, social submission, link building, and a lot more. Freelancers list their jobs on SEOClerks, and mention their price with that. If you like that, you can order it. It’s as simple as that.

SEOClerks for Employers:

There are many freelance websites which let you find freelancers, like, However, what I like about SEOClerks is that you don’t have to go for bidding and long time of negotiation. You just see the freelancers who have posted what they can do and at the price that they can do it. If you like one of them, just click “Order Now”, and you are all set.


I also like the variety of jobs that freelancers have posted there. For example, I could see freelancers ready to write articles from $5 per article, to $600 per week. Lot of options to choose from, which is good.

Also, SEOClerks is quite easy to use. As soon as you go to the homepage of SEOClerks, it directly shows you the jobs that freelancers have listed.

As an employer, I think SEOClerks is a great freelance website. I think it is great for freelancers as well.

SEOClerks freelance website for Freelancers:

As I mentioned earlier, SEOClerks does not have bidding system. This means that a freelancer do not need to irrationally lower the prices just to win the bids. Instead, you can post what you are good at, at the price that you are willing to work. If you provide quality service for that price, employers will hire you. If you want to do freelance SEO, or freelance article writing, SEOClerks is great.

Another big advantage is that it lets you do your own thing, instead of forcing you to bid on the jobs that are available. So, you can really stick to the skills that you are good at, and post what you can do, at the price you want to do it. This means that this freelancer website changes the perspective from employers to freelancers.

In terms of payment, employers pay to SEOClerks when they order a job of a freelancer. Once the job is complete, SEOClerks gives that money to freelancer. In case of a dispute, SEOClerks helps in resolving that.

If you are into freelancing (doing freelance work, or ordering freelancing work), do check out SEOClerks.

An advise for freelancers: for a continous and sustained business, it is always better to be active on multiple freelancing websites, instead of relying on just one. And do check out software, like, Online Timesheets, and Tempo to track your time spent on different freelancing projects.

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