Free AI Art Generator for Kids to Generate Images from Text & Drawing

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Kidgeni is a free online platform where kids can generate art using AI. Just like other AI image generators we have covered in the past, it works in the same way. Kids can define what they want, and this platform will generate the art for them. And if the kids are too small to write text prompts, then they can use the AI canvas to draw anything. Later this platform will convert that hand drawn drawing to a digital art and sometimes it requires parents’ supervision.

There are many AI art generator available online including the free ones such as by Bing. But the problem is that they are not kid friendly. The reason is that they use sophisticated prompts and require knowledge of creating and submitting perfect text descriptions. But Kidgeni aims to solve that. It is meant to generate art using small prompts that a kid would make. And even if that doesn’t work then the kids can always use the AI canvas.

Free AI Art Generator for Kids to Generate Images from Text

Free AI Art Generator for Kids to Generate Images from Text & Drawing

For now, this Kidgeni platform is in beta stage, and you can use it after creating a free account on the main website. Once you are in, you can simply start using the art generator.

The first art generator is very simple and is like other AI image generators such as Stable Diffusion and Adobe Firefly. Here you just need to enter a text prompt and then wait for a few seconds. It will then generate the image for you. See this in the screenshot below.

Kidgeni Generate Images from Text

If the kids are finding hard to generate images via AI, then you can use the Draw tool of Kidgenai. It is like AI canvas where you just draw sketch of the art that your kids want. After drawing, give it a name, explaining what it is and then let it take care of the rest. It will convert the drawing into digital art in a few seconds.

Kidgeni Generate Images from Drawing

Though there is no explicit option to download the art you have generated on this platform, but you can save it. You just right click on the image and then save it on your device. This is as simple as that.


Apart from drawing and generating AI art, you can also explore this platform. In the Explore section, you will see the art generated and submitted by other kids on the platform with the corresponding text prompts.

Kidgeni Epxlore

Introduce your kids to AI art generation through this tool. The platform will help you explore their creativity to generate unique art and will eventually help in the development of their artistic skills.

Closing thoughts:

With tons of AI image generators available already out there, I am glad to see a dedicated platform made for kids to play with. I liked the fact that they just didn’t choose to use the text to image conversion. The AI drawing tool is very useful, and I liked the output it generates.

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