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BuddyMeeting is a free online meeting that helps users across the web to collaborate with anyone easily. A user can collaborate with anyone, in real-time, by creating meetings online using BuddyMeeting application. Also a user can join an already active meeting upon being invited.

BuddyMeeting can be used by friends who collaborate leisurely, team members of a project to have project discussions, for a formal conversation/brainstorming session and for business presentation during meetings. Teaching online becomes easy with BuddyMeeting. Anyone with a valid BuddyID can become an instructor/Student/trainee. He can invite others to join his teaching sessions, thereby allowing users to setup their own classrooms.


BuddyMeeting free application can be used for online training purposes, sharing your desktop with your team members and meeting your buddies online. ‘See-and-talk’ feature of BuddyMeeting application enables the user to establish a face-to-face communication with anyone he wants. You can also read our featured article on other free web conferencing software available.

BuddyMeeting uses BigBlueButton (BBB) technology as its backbone for communication. The advantage of BBB technology is that it provides a secure channel for communication apart from providing facilities for sharing of files in the PDF or PPT format. Also sharing screens, video chat, text based and voice based chats are supported.

BuddyMeeting has been built using open source components and runs on Mac, Unix and Windows operating systems. The support from open source community ensures a nice user-experience. You can also read Free Online Meeting Schedulers.

Communicating using BuddyMeeting happens in the following simple steps:

  • Login to your Buddy meeting account with the Buddy ID and Create a meeting.
  • After scheduling the meeting,send the message across to the people who need to participate.
  • While setting up a meeting, create a Meeting Password and share it securely with those who you need to attend the meeting.
  • The application generates a meeting ID which should also be shared with the members.
  • For joining a meeting, the user has to type in the meeting ID and the meeting password.
  • Join the meeting and communicate right away.

Advantages of BuddyMeeting application:

  • NO installation required,runs using flash technology.
  • Registration is simple and quick.
  • Intuitive UI design to make it easy for inexperienced users.
  • Free to register and create meetings.
  • Accommodate a maximum of up to 25 people in a single meeting.
  • Secure way to communicate with the people you want.
  • ‘See and-talk’ feature enables the user to have a face-to-face communication.
  • Features like file sharing, text-based, voice-based chat etc., are available.
  • Online conferencing reduces travel costs and efforts.

Overall Buddymeeting is a good application to connect with friend, family or business associates. Plus you can do multiple things like video chat, voice chat, text chat, screen sharing etc. So go ahead and give it a try.

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