Automatically Remove Background of Multiple Photos Together

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Trace by Sticker Mule is a free photo background remover that automatically removes the background from photos. This online tool can instantly remove background from photos with humans, animals, and objects. The background removal consistency is very reliable as long as the subject is differentiable from the background.

Initially, Trace can only process one photo at a time and now it can do multiples. The recent update brings an option to add new photo. Once you process a photo, you can add a new in the same canvas and the background gets removed automatically. You can add as many photos as you can fit on the canvas. On top of that, you can add a solid background color or a custom background before downloading all the photos together.

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Remove Background of Multiple Photos

If you have used Trace before, it is exactly similar to use. You can access the tool on the Sticker Mule website. There, you have to create a free Sticker Mule account to use the tool. Once you are logged in, you get an option to upload a photo. Simply click on that option and pick the photo whose background you want to remove.

automatically remove photo background

When the photo is uploaded, it takes a moment to process it and then shows it on a canvas with no background at all. It only contains the subject from your original photo. Everything happens automautally, you don’t have to select anything at all.

remove background of multiple photos

Now, to remove background of multiple photos, you can use the “Add new photo” option left to the “Download” button. This option allows you to pick another photo for background removal. When you upload the photo, it removes the background from that too and places it on the canvas. You can resize the photos and place them anywhere on the canvas as per your needs. This way, you can add as many photos as you can fit on the canvas. Then you can download the entire canvas and get all the photos together in a single file. You can import the photo to your editing tool and easily crop out the photos for use.

remove photo background with sticker mule trace

Apart from background removal, this tool packs a few more options. After removing the background, it allows you to add a custom background to the photo(s). It gives you two choices for that; Colors and Images. In Colors, you can go with any solid color for the background. Whereas, in the case of Images, you can pick an image from the given options, upload your own, or fetch from Unsplash to use as a background.

Closing Words

The flexibility to remove background from multiple photos together is a nice addition to Trace. No other free online photo background supports multiple photos at once. This approach for multiple photos is handy for designers and photo editors. They can upload all their photos and download them in a single file. This way, they don’t have to deal with multiple files and can easily crop out the respective subject from the downloaded file.

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