6 Websites which list Activities Dad’s can do with Toddlers

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Let’s start this article by stating a fact, that toddlers or kids of any age are more attached to their mothers as they spend maximum time with them. All they ask their fathers is “where is mom”. We are talking specially about the toddler age group as this is the time when your toddler starts speaking, learning, recognizing, understanding the world around him. And the fathers play a very important part in this growing up process. So at this age its equally important to play with the father for some quality bonding. Because toddlers are not going to be toddlers forever and this time is not going to come back. Instead of regretting not spending time with your toddlers what fathers can do is take a little bit of time out of their busy schedule and give it to their children.

Just because they get to spend less time with the kids because they have to go work doesn’t mean they should get any less of a chance to show their daddy skills. So, we are going to list some websites here which give some simple ideas to daddy’s on activities they can do with their toddlers.



Let’s start with this super cute website, it has a entire section dedicated to toddlers and activities. There is a list of pretty simple activities that you can do with your toddlers. There is also a featured section for activities dad’s can do with their toddlers. There are a total of 12 activities listed and each of them is a hyperlink. The list contains some games, counting numbers, or recognizing alphabet cars, etc. When you click on an activity, it will open up in a new tab, describing how to carry out the activity and what all is required to conduct that activity. Apart from this you can also get ideas on fun art & craft activities, take printouts of some activities, subscribe to the newsletter, etc.



The website is pretty informative to go through. They have a section on parenting, under which you will find a lot of suggested activities that you can carry out with your kids. There is also a article dedicated to dads and toddlers listing all games and activities. They list some pretty basic ones like reading to your toddler, taking them to playgrounds, playing in the water, etc. The activities have been divided into indoors and outdoors. Apart from this you can get various tips on arts & crafts, storytelling, beating the summer sun, etc.


aboutparenting fatherhood

This website has a entire section dedicated to fatherhood. You will find different categories under fatherhood and the activities are also divided into sub categories like activities by age group, storytelling, traveling, etc. You can explore all the sections or just focus on the activities part. The activities section has categories for specific age groups like preschoolers, teenagers, toddlers, etc. Select the one you are looking for. Under the toddlers section there is a great article on activities you can carry out with your toddler in half an hour. These activities don’t take much of your time and at the same time are fun. Even if dad’s are pressed for time, I’m sure they can squeeze in half an hour for these activities with their toddlers.



This website is a informative guide for parents with some good articles on common parenting concerns like child behavior, reading skills, motivating, developing skills, etc. Amongst all this they also have a good article on how dad’s and toddlers can bond with different games and activities. The activities are divided into 2 categories indoor games and outdoor games. Outdoor activities include things like water play, going to playgrounds and parks, etc. Indoor activities include activities like reading story books, several games like follow the leader, joining the blocks, etc.



Education.com is a awesome website for kids. It includes hundreds of worksheets, educational games, activities, etc. You can signup for a free account with the website and get worksheets, activities, articles, etc. Under the parenting and families section you will find in detail the type of activities dad’s can do with their kids. The activities are categorized according to the age of the child. There are a total of three categories infant and toddlers, 2 to 3 year olds and 4 years and older. There is a long list of ideas or activities which you can do with your toddlers. Some of the ideas include things like reading, cuddling, walking outside, singing their favorite songs, etc.



The website has a entire section dedicated to children. Where under programs you will find a fatherhood initiative section with a detailed list of activities that fathers can do with their children. You can find activities for all age groups like infants, toddlers, 4-6 year olds, 7-12 year olds, and teenagers. We are talking about toddlers today, so under that section there are various activities listed. To name a few like reading, potty training, catching a ball, teaching small words, etc.

You can also check out these websites for educational activities for kids: peep and thrively.

These are the six good websites we found on this subject of dad’s and toddlers. Make sure you carry out these activities with your toddlers on a regular basis. The fact that they learned something new with their father will always remain with them through their life. They will always remember it as a thing their father taught them. Just think that you are giving your child memories for a lifetime. This is what they will fondly remember when they grow up, the fun times they spent with their dad’s.

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