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Peep and the Big Wide World is a free educational website for kids with videos, games, activities to help them learn easily and quickly. The website has separate sections for kids, parents, and educators. The website is based upon an animated show of the same name which includes a newly hatched chicken Peep along with his friends Chirp (the robin) and Quack (the duck).

As I said that the website has 3 main sections hence, each of the section is specifically designed to help the kids in easiest possible way. For example, the parents section has activities for both outside and inside which you can make your kids to do depending upon the situation and place. Let’s check each of the specific function of the website as per the category one by one.

Peep and the Big Wide World

Kids Category in this Education Website for Kids:

When you will go to the Kids category of this educational website, you will see the following categories: The Way Things Move, Sounds, Animals and Plants, Light and Color, Numbers and Measuring, and Shapes and Patterns.

Categories for Kids

Each of these categories has a collection of both activity video as well as the episode video of the cartoon show. All these videos depend upon the category selected by you and helps kids learn about that concept. Below is the screenshot of Sound category. You can check both activity as well as animated show episode videos.

Videos for Kids

If you will scroll down the welcome page of Kids category, you will find the two options: Games and Videos.

Games and Videos

As the name suggests, the Videos option includes only animated video of the episodes while Games includes games for kids to learn and grasp things more quickly.

List of Games

Parents Category in this Educational Website for Kids:

This section includes resources for parents to help them with parenting and encourage their kids for different activities. It  has following categories: Parenting Videos, Anywhere Activities, Coloring Pages, Neighborhood Safari, and Family Science Handouts.

Parent Resources

  • Parenting Videos: Includes 10 short videos for parents to help them have a better understanding with kids. Some of the topics are: Encouraging Curiosity, Investigation & Discovery, Words & Stories, etc..
  • Anywhere Activities: It includes various activities which can encourage your kids to learn and do things themselves. You can choose activities on the basis of Location, Theme, or all the activities on a single interface.
  • Coloring Pages: It includes various sketches of animation show’s characters. You can print any of them and give it to your kid to color it.
  • Neighborhood Safari: It includes those activities which your kids can do any where and regardless of the time. Some of them are: Blowing Bubbles, Going on a Bug Walk, Growing Seeds, Making Hand Shadows, etc..
  • Family Science Handouts: It is a downloadable handout which includes different activities which you can do with your kids.

Education Category in this Educational Website for Kids:

It includes resources for educators on the basis of PEEP Science Curriculum. All these resources are divided across different themes. These themes are: Color, Plants, Ramps, Shadows, Sound, and Water.

Themes for Educators

Each of these themes has a complete curriculum spread across weekdays along with complete timetable. It includes different short tasks which your kids have to complete. Each of the tasks has its specified time length along with the task name. You need to click on each of the tasks to know about it in detail and how to do it.

Time tabel for Educators

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Final Verdict:

Peep and the Big Wide World is an awesome educational website for kids with activities, tasks specifically designed for kids, parents, and educators. You should try this website, its definitely worth trying.

Try Peep and the Big Wide World here.

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