How to Enable EPUB support in Edge Chromium to read eBooks

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In this tutorial, I will explain how to enable EPUB support in Microsoft Edge Chromium browser so that you can read your favorite eBooks in the browser itself. If you are using extra software to read your EPUB files then you can now stop doing that. Edge can open all your eBook now and here you will how.

What happens now is that when you try to open an EPUB file in Edge then it doesn’t open. Instead, it gets download back. You can see this behaviour in the video I have added below. But this is now going to change as the developer build now has EPUB support and I will show you how to enable it.

Edge without EPUB Support.mp4

How to Enable EPUB support in Edge Chromium to read eBooks?

Download and install Edge Canary and then go to this GitHub repository. Copy the PowerShell command and then come back to desktop.

Edge Powershell Command to Enable EPUB Reader in Canry

Launch Terminal with administrator rights by right clicking on Start menu. And paste the command that you copied from the above repository.

Another thing you can do is find the Edge Canary shortcut and then right click on it to open properties. In the target box, enter a space and then paste the following text as it is. Next, apply the changes and then you are good to go.


Set Edge Flag

Now, you can either launch Edge Canary from the shortcut file, or run it from the BAT file that the PowerShell command creates in the Downloads folder.

Edge Shortcut in Downloads Folder

In the Edge Canary, drag drop an EPUB file and then you will see that it will instantly open it now. You can see that in the following video. You can now read EPUB files just like PDFs.

How to Enable EPUB support in Edge Chromium to read eBooks

You can browse the chapters and set a custom zoom level. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the pages of the eBook and do whatever you want. You can now use any eBook that you have in Edge and then read it till the end.

Closing thought:

I have no idea why Microsoft removed EPUB support from Edge. But now I am glad to see it back because with this, now I will not have to keep a separate eBook reader software just to open and read all my eBooks. So, if you want to read your eBooks in the Edge then you can do that in the Canary build. And soon I am sure this will be available in the stable build without any tricks.

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