How to Delete All Facebook Wall Posts

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This tutorial explains how to delete all Facebook wall posts. To do this, here I will talk about a Selenium script that you can run on your PC along with your Facebook credentials. It will automate the process of Facebook post deletion and then you have nothing to interfere. It will control Chrome browser and will automatically scroll down to your posts and will delete them one by one. Think of this script as an autopilot. It will control your Facebook account and will delete all posts. However, you should note this that the delete operation will be permanent. So, proceed with this in your own risk.

If you have a lot of posts in your Facebook account then it will be quite difficult to delete them all. And doing that manually will take a lot of time. But if you leave your PC for a few hours on auto pilot then it is possible. Selenium is a very popular automation tool that you may be aware of. With the help of Chrome driver, it can control browser and you can specify a script to define what to click, when to click, and when to open or refresh a webpage. And that is what the script I have mentioned here does.

The Selenium script that I will talk about here is written in Python. You just need Python installed your PC and then you can easily execute it. It takes your username and password to log into your account and start deleting posts. Currently, it is designed to delete all posts that it finds in your account in chronological order. But maybe in later updates, you will be able to delete posts of a specific year. You can see the auto delete operation in the following GIF.

How to Delete all Facebook wall Posts

How to Delete all Facebook wall Posts?

First thing you need to use this script is to install Python. And make sure that you have Google Chrome Installed. Next thing after installing Python, you will have to get the Chrome Driver from here. Do note that, Chrome driver is version specific, so download it according to the version of Chrome installed on your PC. After downloading Chrome driver, paste the EXE file in “C:/Windows” folder for universal access.

Now, open command prompt with administrator rights and then enter the following command. It will install DeleteFB script on your PC and then you will be easily use it.

pip3 install --user delete-facebook-posts

pip install delete facebook posts

Now, it’s time to use the script and see it in action. Just enter the following command in command prompt and hit enter. But before that, fill out the red colored parameters in this command. These are your Facebook email/username and password along with the profile URL.

deletefb -E "FB_Email" -P "FB_Pwd" -U ""

DeleteFB in action

When you run the above command, it will open the browser and will log in your account. It will happen in such a way that it will pretty much look like magic. It will find all posts on your wall and will keep deleting them. Simple as that. You can see a glimpse of working of this tool in the GIF in the beginning.

Closing thoughts

If you like automation tools then you will love the one I have mentioned here. You can execute this simple script on any platform and get the work done. It precisely looks for wall posts and delete them in the same way you’d have deleted them manually. This is an open source script as well and you can see its GitHub repository here.

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