How to Add Google Instant Back to Google Search Results

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In this tutorial I will explain how to add Google Instant back to Google search┬áresults. Here I will talk about a Chrome plugin that adds Instant search results to Google. When this plugin is installed, you can see the search results as you type your search query. You will not have to type the whole search query and press enter in order to see the results. This extension is only meant for a specific task and doesn’t offers any other options or features. You just have to install it and forget it.

Google introduced Google Instant way back in 2010 and ended it last year (2017). But with the help of a simple Chrome extension, you can bring it back and see it in action. It works just like Google Instant and if you liked it before, then you will like it now. However, this Chrome extension is not very fast as compare to the original Google Instant, but still works nicely. In the tutorial below, I will tell you the whole process of installing and using this tool.

How to Add Google Instant Back to Google Search Results

How to Add Google Instant Back to Google Search Results?

Google Instant extension is open source and if you want, then you can sneak into its code on GitHub. And after installing it, you can leave it as it is. You don’t have to do any special configuration in order to make it work.

These steps will guide you how to install and use Google Instant again.

Step 1: You can clone the repository of Google Instant from here. It will give you a ZIP file that you can extract to somewhere.

google instant extract

Step 2: Open Google Chrome and type “chrome://extensions” in the address bar. After that, enables the developer mode from the right corner and then click on the “Load unpacked” extension. After that, specify the folder where you have extracted the contents of Google Instant and hit “OK”.

install google instant

Step 3: Now, Google Instant is successfully installed and you can open the Google search page and start typing Google search query. After that, it will automatically start showing you the relevant results. Even if you do not complete your query, then search results will still appear. You can see this behavior in the GIF that I have added in the beginning of this tutorial.

That is how you can bring back Google Instant to Google search results using Google Instant plugin. And it is very easy to install it and use it.

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Closing thoughts

I do a lot of Googling every day and Google Instant was like a gem for me. This is because many a times it gives you the results without actually typing the whole query. It was a little bit disappointing to hear that Google removed Google Instant but this Chrome plugin has made my life easy again. I am still playing with it and if you are looking for ways to bring back Google Instant, then this tutorial will help you.

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