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Facebook PDF Creator and Facebook PDF converter are free Facebook applications that let you create PDF files on Facebook, and convert PDF to Doc on Facebook. These Facebook PDF applications are completely free, and you do not need to download anything to use these.

For those that use Facebook continually there are probably times when you wish you could convert PDF files into Word, Excel and PowerPoint, or vice versa. With the free PDF Converter and PDF Creator application for Facebook, you no longer have to “wish” – you can.

Indeed with these free format changing software you are able to convert single or multiple files from one format to the other. The program is very simple to use and consists of two applications coexisting one program – one converts from PDF while the other converts from Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as other formats to PDF.

Convert Documents to PDF on Facebook:

Facebook PDF creator

To use the Facebook PDF creator you must first visit the ‘Official PDF Creator Facebook Page’ here. Once you have entered this particular page, you’ll be asked to allow PDF Creator access to your email, Facebook Wall as well as other data on your system. By clicking on the “Allow” button, you give PDF creator access to your files. If you are worried about privacy – make the necessary adjustments in your Facebook account settings.

The PDF interface is simple and easily navigated and the various buttons are self-explanatory. When you wish to convert a file to PDF format, simply select the file from the browsing window on the main interface. The conversion will start automatically and upon completion, will store the converted file or files in a folder named, “Your recently Uploaded Files”. From this folder you are free to download the file whenever. You can use this Facebook application to convert Word, PPT, and other documents to PDF format. Also check out PDF printer.

Convert PDF to Word on Facebook:

Facebook PDF Converter

Using Facebook PDF to Word converter is very much the same as the above PDF creator; the only difference is the application converts PDF files to Word document. To convert PDF to Word on Facebook, go to home page of this application here. Once again the interface is simple and each button is easily understood. This is a handy application to have, especially if you want to send or have received PDF files from friends and colleagues. Converting PDF to Word allows you to edit documents easily. Also check out other online PDF to Word converter.

Some other useful Facebook applications we reviewed earlier are: Facebook security application, and F.B.Purity.

With these free Facebook applications. Facebook users need not worry about filing converting any longer; this simple to use file conversion program will allow you to share any and all formats.

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