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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is the free official app for iPhone to learn languages with ease. is already a very popular language learning website which has helped many of its users to learn new languages as well as to boost their vocabulary. Now, they have come up with their official iPhone app so that you can learn languages on the go. uses a unique and interesting method to teach languages to it users. You can use this app to learn different languages, like: English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Czech, Dutch, German, Greek, and many more. The app offers you personalized tests and Flashcards to help you grasp words and their meanings quickly.

The app also comes with in-built dictionary which you can use to check meanings of words from any of the language supported by it. The app also saves each of the word searched by you for future reference. This list is also used by app in making you learn the language specified by you. For each word searched by you, app displays a related image, its type (adjective, noun etc.), and a few sentences as an example to tell how to use the word.

Adding Words and Checking Meanings

How to Use Official App for iPhone:

To use official app for iPhone, you first need to sign-up with the app. If you are an existing user, then you can also continue with your existing account. For first time users, you will be asked to select the language which you want to learn. On the basis of your selection, app displays a few words with their meaning in English. You can also add words on your own by tapping on the option at top: Add Words (Dictionary). Each of the word added by you is saved by the app. In my testing, I opted for Spanish language and you can see the words collected by me. You can tap on any word to see its meaning, check pronunciation, related images, and example sentences in form of flashcard. You can also share flashcard on Facebook.

Adding Words and Checking Meanings

Apart from searching for words, the app provides you with different articles of words within range 10-25 under Read option. The articles are in the language selected by you for learning. You can tap on any word to see its meaning and collect it. For each article, app also displays total number of words and number of words collected by you. You can choose the topic for reading articles from the option at top. The app has articles from various categories like Business, Entertainment, Beginners, Technology, Education, etc..

Reading Articles app for iPhone has Practice section for practicing the words collected and learnt by you. This section consists of personalized tests to help you learn the words. All the tests consist of only those words which have been either added by you manually or collected by you while reading articles. Each of the test consist of a word and you have to guess the correct meaning from the given options.


Finally, the app has Settings section from where you can change the language you want to learn and the language you know.


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Final Verdict:

The official app for iPhone is a really good app for learning languages on the go. The method followed by app is really interesting, unique, and makes it really easy to learn any language. It also helps in boosting the vocabulary quite easily. Do get this app if you want to learn new languages.

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