6 Free Windows 10 Play Doctor Games for Kids

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Kids love to play doctor games. They pretend that their toys are not well and treat them by giving them medicine or performing surgery. Not only kids everyone is quite fascinated by doctors and the work they do. Some point in life everyone wanted to be a doctor or pretended to be one as kids. So we searched the Windows 10 app store for doctor games and found out lots of games on the doctor theme. Some of them work well, some just look like rips offs of other popular games, while some don’t work at all. So picked out the best ones for you and your kids to play.

The doctor games include dentists, ear doctors, eye doctors, etc. All these games are free to download and play. Let’s look at these popular Windows 10 play doctor games for kids below.

Ear Doctor: Super Clinic

Ear Doctor is a nice game app for kids to play a ear doctor. In this game you have to choose your patient first. Then you get to start the examination procedure. You have to check out the patients ear first. Then choose appropriate tools to fix the problem. You can cure hearing problems for the patients coming in, you also get to cure infections, perform surgery, pick up some bugs or insects in the ear, etc. You will get to use all doctor tools like syringes, spray, scissors, laser cam, etc. When the procedure is completed you can click a happy picture of your patient and also save it to your device. You can also add stickers of different shapes to the picture at the end. The game is quite user friendly and colorful with nice background music.

Eye Care Surgeon

Eye Care Surgeon is another nice game app where you get to play eye doctor. In this game you would need to select a patient to begin with. After selecting the patient you need to give a eye test to your patient. Once you are through with the test, check and clean the patients eyes. The first eye test that you give to your patient is the letter reading from the board. A alphabet will be pointed put and you have to select which alphabet is pointed from the alphabet keys given at the bottom of the page. After this test is cleared you need to clean your patients eyes using eye drops and cleaner tools. After this you have to check the eyesight number by trying on different powered number for the glasses. Once the number is set you can move forward. In this screen you need to choose lenses for your patient. These lenses are available in different colors. Some lenses are locked and can be unlocked by watching a video ad. After lenses you can try on different framed glasses and choose the one which looks nice on your face. Once all that is done you are ready to take in a new patient.

Deluxe Hospital Simulator

Deluxe Hospital Simulator is a fun doctor game for kids where you can play multiple specialty doctor. You can be a flu doctor, a cosmetic doctor, a foot doctor, etc. When you start this game app you will be asked to select which types of patients would you like to treat. You can start with one type and then can switch on to a different one later. You can select to be a flu doctor, eye doctor, cosmetic doctor, foot doctor, or a surgeon.

Whichever one you select, you would be required to select a patient after that. Once selected you have to examine your patient and given them proper treatment. Like I selected cosmetic doctor and selected a patient from the given two. Then cleaned her face using tools given. You can choose to be a different doctor in the next round. That is the advantage of this game, you do not have to be just one kind of doctor, you can be different specialty doctor in each game.

Little Foot Doctor

Little Foot Doctor is a fun doctor game app. In this app you need to select your patient to begin with. Then check out the foot of the patient and then use appropriate tools to heal his foot. You can also choose the color and design of bandage that you will put up on your patient. Heal the foot using ice, ointment, surgery, etc. Once the whole procedure is done, you can click a pick of your happy patient. Then you can start over with a new patient.

Crazy Dentist

Crazy Dentist is a fun game app where you get to be a dentist. In this game you have two sections to choose your patients from. They are family members and pets. You can treat both easily. Choose one patient and start operating. Once the patient is in front of you, you will notice a lot of tools at the bottom of the page. Choose the appropriate tools and heal the problem areas one by one. Once the teeth are clean you can move on to the next page. Here you will get a chance to paste stickers on the teeth of the patient. You can choose a sticker to paste from various designs. Once you are done click a picture of your patients clean teeth and save it to your device easily.

Hands Surgery Games

Hands Surgery Games is a nice game where you need to perform hand surgery on your patients. In the game you have to perform the surgery procedure as it is described. When you perform the same procedure only then you will be able to collect coins or money. Wrong surgery procedure will result in no money being paid. Each surgery procedure is also timed, and you need to finish the procedure in time. When you complete a surgery extra time is added to your time counter and then you get another patient to perform surgery on.


These are some fun games where you get to play doctor. Kids can have lot of fun playing these games. Some of the games might have ads, but they are not very irritating. You can be any type of doctor you want to be like eye doctor, ear doctor, dentist, cosmetic doctor, etc. Try these games out and enjoy playing them.

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