Windows 10 Role Playing Game App for Kids to Play Dentist

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Crazy Dentist is a Windows 10 role playing game app for kids where they can pretend to be dentists and check people for tooth problems. The game offers you different characters who will come in as your patients, you can even have cute animals as your patients. Kids are fascinated by things like this, so playing a dentist would definitely be fun for them.

The Windows 10 role playing game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start this app you will come across an interface like the one shown in the below screenshot.

Click the play button and you would be shown the different characters you can work upon. There are 12 characters in total, 6 are family members and the other 6 are pets.

The family members are shown in the screenshot below.

You can select anyone to work upon their teeth. You can use the forward arrow button to go to the next page which will have all the pets on it, as shown in the screenshot below.

Select any character and they will open up on your screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

Like this cat in the above screenshot has pretty dirty teeth. You will see plenty of tools in front of you to help you out clean the teeth. There is a check mark list given on the right side, which will check mark a box after the tool it represents has completed its work. Start using the tools one by one and clean the teeth of your patients.

After using all the tools the teeth now become shinny white and you can click the next arrow button to land on a screen shown in the above screenshot. On this screen you can color your teeth in which ever color you want. Also, you can add stickers on your teeth to make them look pretty.

The above screen shows color and stickers have been applied to the cat’s teeth. A photo will be taken when you click the camera image and you can save the photo to your device.

Features of this Windows 10 role playing game app for kids:

  • Play the role of a dentist.
  • Help clean people’s teeth.
  • 12 different characters you can work on.
  • Clean teeth using different dentist tools.
  • Treat Patients and learn more about what a dentist does.
  • Capture picture after teeth cleaning.
  • Lovely graphics.
  • Kids can also learn good teeth habits.
  • Apply colors and stickers to teeth.


Crazy Dentist is a fun role playing game app for kids, where kids can play dentist and help people out. The app will make the kids feel like a real dentist by helping clean people’s teeth. They can keep picture cards to themselves. The graphics of the app are good, but as this is free app, there is a issue of ads in the app. You will see ads on both side of the app, which does get annoying at times. Otherwise, it is a good game app for kids, where they can also learn about dentists and the tools they use.

Check out Crazy Dentist for Windows 10 here.

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