5 Free Online Road Trip Planner Websites

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Here is the list of 5 free online road trip planner websites. These websites are free to use and you can plan your next road trip easily right from the comfort of your home. These websites provide you with all the important and required info regarding the road trip and on the basis of locations chosen by you. Some of the displayed information are like fuel stations, hotels, motels, attractions points, etc.

Most of these websites are focused for road trips in United States but a few of them also support planning road trips across the globe. Let’s have a look at each of them one by one.

1. Furkot:


Furkot is the website which supports online road trip planning around the globe. The website starts suggesting name of locations as you will start typing the name. You can then save the trip by classifying it as one-way/two-way, giving it a name, start/end time for each day, etc. When you have chosen the locations, the website displays the route on the map. On this UI, you will find many options which will help you some way towards making your road trip planning easier.

You can easily look for fuel stations, eatery places, hotels, motels, coffee shops, grocery markets, and other necessary places. The website also lets you add custom stoppages. Furkot also lets you check for weather conditions for all the places on and around your road trip route. If you choose register with Furkot, you can also save multiple road trip plans.

2. RoadTrip America:

RoadTrip America

RoadTrip America has two easy steps for planning your road trips. The first step is to enter the start and end address while the second step to choose the distance range, 50 or 100 miles, within which you would like to see the attractions and places to visit. Depending on the data entered by you; you will see the route between the locations, chosen by you, on the map along with multiple colored icons. At the bottom of the map, you can see the meaning of each of the icon to see what each of them signifies. If you go for having a registered account, then you can also save and print the route map.

3. Roadtrippers:


Roadtrippers is an easy to use online road trip planner website. You have to enter starting point of trip, end point of trip, and choose the attraction points you want to see. You can choose from Hotels, Attractions, Natural Wonders, and Weird Stuff. On providing all the data, you will see the map with route for your road trip. You can also opt for browsing accommodations, attractions & cultures, food & drink, outdoor, camping, entertainment and night life, etc. The website even lets you choose the range of distance within which you want to browse those locations. You can also click on any attraction name to know more about it.

4. ViaMichelin:


ViaMichelin is an online road trip planner website from a popular France based tire manufacturer Michelin. When you have added the start and end point of trip, you can then choose from following types of routes: Michelin recommended route, Quickest, Shortest, Discovery, and Economical route. On the basis of your choice, Michelin will show you the route on the map along with estimated cost, time, and distance.

You can also look for weather conditions, traffic, fuel stations, car parking and roadworks. For finding the best route, you can even provide custom choices like favour highways, avoid tolls, vignettes, and much more.

5. Rand McNally:

Rand McNally

The last online road trip planner website for you is Rand McNally. It also requires you to enter the start and end location for finding the route. You will see the route on map on right side while on the left side, you will see the complete navigation just like you see it on Google Maps. You can click on any navigation point to see that location on the map. It also shows the distance and estimated time for completing the trip.

These are the 5 free online road trip planner websites. Check them out for planning your next road trip and make the whole process a lot more easier and simple.

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