5 Font Detector Chrome Plugins to Check Fonts on Webpages

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Here are 5 free font detector extensions for Google Chrome.

All these font detector plugins are fabulous to quickly detect the font used in any text or heading on a webpage. Apart from this, most of these font identifiers let you detect fonts in real-time. Some unique features are also available in these extensions and that’s the reason I included these plugins in this list. For example, you will be able to preview the font in custom text, can download the font, view font size and line spacing, font colors used on a particular webpage, etc. You can activate any of these extensions using their icons. You might also need to refresh the already opened webpages to identify the fonts.

So let’s start with the very first font identifier extension listed here.

Fontface Ninja

Fontface Ninja Chrome font detector extension

Fontface Ninja is the most advanced font detector in this entire list to identify the font, size, and line spacing of font. I’m highly impressed by the features provided by this excellent extension. Apart from its main task of identifying fonts used on webpages, it also lets you try any font on a particular webpage with custom text. It does so by opening a pop-up menu on a webpage. Moreover, you can also increase or decrease the size of font and download the font (if possible).

Fontface Ninja also provides a powerful distraction free mode (known as Mask). Enabling this feature will hide all the other content of a webpage (like images, ads, etc.), except the text. So you can better concentrate on the font and detect any font available on that particular webpage. All these cool features have made it a great font detector and a fantastic competitor.


WhatFont Chrome extension

WhatFont is one of my favorite font detector extensions in this list. It lets you check fonts used in a text, hyperlink, heading, etc., in real-time. When you hover the mouse cursor over the text content of a webpage, it shows the font in a pop-up.

You can also click on the text to explore more details related to the font. For example, you will be able to see the Font Family, size, Line height, RGB, and hash code of the font. So it’s a pretty good font detector Chrome extension that I can easily recommend.

Read the full review.

Which Font Is This?

Which Font Is This Chrome extension

This Font Detector is a good competitor to WhatFont Chrome extension. It is so because it also helps to detect fonts used in a webpage in real-time. After activating this extension, a pop-up menu on right side of a webpage is displayed to see the font family, foreground & background color, and font size of webpage text. Hovering the mouse cursor on the webpage will change the data in real-time.

Apart from this cool feature, this extension also brings a fantastic feature to see all the fonts used in a webpage. Moreover, you can also find all the font colors and background colors used on the currently active webpage in a left sidebar. So I guess “Which Font Is This?” is a bit advanced than WhatFont extension.

Type Sample

Type Sample Chrome extension homepage

Type Sample is also a great font detector Chrome extension to find font type and font size in real-time. Apart from this, it also lets you preview the font with custom text, just like Fontface Ninja extension does.

Hovering the mouse cursor over a text will show a basic pop up to detect the font, and clicking on the text will open a pop-up to preview that particular font with custom text. If you want, you can also save the sample text for later use, but you need to sign in to Type Sample website using your Twitter account.


FontMe chrome extension

In comparison to all the above-mentioned extensions, FontMe is just a basic Chrome plugin, but handy enough to identify any font used in a webpage. After installation, you need to select the text or heading and right-click to access “FontMe” option to detect the font. Or else, you can also use the icon of this plugin to identify the font of a selected  text. There are no any other features. So if you are in search for a very simple font detector Chrome extension, then FontMe can fulfill your requirement.

Firefox users can check any of these free plugins to identify fonts used on webpages.

The Verdict:

As far as the concern is about detecting the fonts on webpages, all these Chrome plugins are brilliant. However, it won’t be justified if I treat all these plugins equal. It is so because few of these plugins have provided features that make them stand apart from the rest. Therefore, Fontface Ninja is the clear winner in this whole list,  as it comes with many unique features.

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